Poker follies

Really, can you blame me for being a tilty whiny entitled baby when my day is mostly hands like this?

87 vs 83, flop trip 888, but just chop the pot because the rest of the board is higher than our kickers. Hand calculator says I’m 34% to win, 59% to tie. Ok, fine.

A5o, small-stacked, shove it pre, get called very wide by A2s, flop AA55, looking good, board runs out 99 to invalidate my 2 pair, 8-kicker on the board for another split. I’m an 80% favorite to win the hand on the flop.

AQ vs JT, and I shove, flop top pair QQ, Q96K8, he’s got the 9-K, I’ve gotten the shaft again. 65% to win on the flop, drawing dead on the Turn.

AK vs A2, preflop bidding war, we get all-in pre, flop Aces, looking good, he rivers a deuce. 71% to win preflop, 84% to win on the turn, V hits one of 7 outs.

76s, flop 746, get all-in on the turn, because your opponent was gifted 85 by the poker gods and has the straight. 77% to lose on the flop here, and YEP probability works this time!

If this happened to you all day and wiped out all your wins for the day, how would you keep your spirits up?


My mood isn’t tied to the outcome of a few hands of free poker, so I would have no need of “keeping my spirits up.”

If losing a few hands “wiped out my wins” for the day, I would think, “I’m so lucky to be able to sit around with nothing better to do than play free poker all day, what a win!”


Well, now I’m down 700k on the day. Was at one point back up to only -200k on the day, but thanks to the miracle of everyone getting AA every other hand, I’m now down to -700k.

But yes, it is very enjoyable.

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I had AA in 3 hands against one of the players in my follies reel above, they pre-folded to no pressure all 3 times. I got KK raise 2BB and they fold.

The thing about it is, they never rematch me. They know they got outplayed and got away with it. They don’t want a second helping.

Card dead for 53 hands heads-up after getting there in a 9-seat SNG.

I have some variation of 42, 57, 85, 72, 62 for 53 hands in a row, and one in ten I get something higher than a 6 for both of my hands. Once in about 10 hands, I get Q8 or KJ or something and shove it to stay alive. Then I get AQ and decide “oh, I’ll just play this hand, let’s raise but make it callable.” Well J2 calls me, and flops JJA. Hooray.