Poker Etiquette

I was playing the Duck Pond table and one player was complaining about me raising every hand I was in. I wasn’t raising every single hand (just the hands I was involved in which wasn’t many) - and I wasn’t even raising that much - just 2.5x times the big blind and she was saying I was making it about “luck” by raising preflop.

Did I do anything wrong by raising pre-flop?


No. She was wrong, don’t sweat it.


I would have went 3 times pre flop but then again it is Christmas week :joy:

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I hate players who say, “you are ruining the game!” when you don’t play the exact strategy, they want you to be. Poker players should not have to follow one strategy, the goal is to play the opposite as your opponents to maximize profit, but this obviously makes some people mad, as they see their strategy as the only good strategy, which is close-minded and stupid so don’t worry about those people, play poker the way you want to play.


You’ll always run into a few players who find your own style of play to be somehow offensive, no matter how you play. I think most of them are really just expressing frustration that they don’t know what to do in response to what you are doing, or are just frustrated that someone clearly playing very poorly (which usually just means playing in a way they don’t understand) is getting “lucky” against them.

If you are polite in your comments, and making the best plays you know how to make… well, I think those that complain when you are doing that are just immature.


I think it was this hand that put her on tilt (and she wasn’t even involved in the hand - she folded preflop). I raised preflop with 10d 7d and got one caller. Flop is 3c 10h 8c - I bet and the caller thinks for a bit then calls. Turn is a 6h and the caller instachecks and I put her on a draw so I bet again thinking I have the best hand and she calls again. River is a 9d backdooring me a straight and I bet pot on the river and I get paid off by Kd 10s.

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I was in the same game as ImmaFish and the person complaining said she didn’t like to play against players that raised preflop. Said only people counting on luck raise preflop. Don’t have a clue where she learned to play poker. When she left the game she just continued griping in chat about it.


I am me - at times I play tight at times I play like a nut job - its always a suprise to all and at times me. . every person owns the chips so its their choice what they do with them - go all in , raise , fold - do what YOU want to do - I get so much drama about my play, but in the end as this thread states we are talking etiquette and its the same as manners its free

  • Be yourself – and allow others to treat you with respect.
  • Say “Thank You” …
  • Give Genuine Compliments. …
  • Don’t be Boastful, Arrogant or Loud. …
  • Listen Before Speaking. …
  • Speak with Kindness and Caution. …
  • Do Not Criticize or Complain. …
  • Be Punctual.

never worry just be you and as @Yorunoame says if players complain and you are not rude then they are immature

Take Care
Tiggs xx


There is nothing wrong with raising pre-flop. It is quite the opposite. You should raise pre-flop if you want to play your hand.

For a very long time it was considered just flat out terrible poker play to limp pre-flop. Recently, with solvers, it has been shown that limping can be a good strategy in a very few limited situations. Generally tournaments when you are very short stacked. But unless you are a solver, or a top pro, it’s basically impossible to play well with a limping strategy. So you can simplify your strategy by never limping pre-flop, and always raising if you want to play. It’s just good poker.

It has nothing to do with luck. If you have a good hand you want to increase the pot size so you win bigger pots with your good hands. That’s how poker works. Anyone saying that betting when you have a good hand is not playing correctly simply has no idea how to play poker.


LOL, yes, you’ll often find people get upset when you river a winning hand, and have been betting with worse on prior streets. Usually it’s the player losing the hand, but I’ve seen more than a few cases where it is someone else, also. I suppose poker is stressful, which is probably part of what makes it exciting, but it seems like people lose their composure a lot more in poker than with something like, say, chess…


You dont do anything wrong! Just ignore the players who do that!!


I don’t see a problem raising every hand. It can be annoying sometimes but, part of the game you must deal with or, move to another table…
What does bug me is ‘experienced’ players coming to a table they know is very low stakes(low pots) and likely new/inexperienced players and making ‘extremely’ high raises on every turn of the cards and, every hand…
Shows no class and, I’ll assume they’re too scared to do it at the higher stakes tables… Unfortunately again , all you can do is avoid them and move to another table…


If someone raises pre-flop every time then they should go play at a higher ante table, especially at the Duck Pond tables. Just my opinion. People are at the Duck Pond tables to learn how to play & to get comfortable playing.


In the situation mentioned by the initial poster, there wasn’t anyone going all in preflop. Just players making modest sized bets most of the time. The player that complained apparently just wanted everyone to limp preflop and only start raising after the flop. I get how annoying it is for people to join a table and then go all in every hand. I sometimes wait them out then smash them with a monster, but sometimes just leaving the table and finding another game is the best thing to do to avoid frustration.

I think he’s saying we shouldn’t be raising at all preflop (not just all ins) at the Duck Pond table.

I don’t much mind the constant raising even pre-flop. Again It’s the players who join in at a duck pond table that they most likely ‘know’ has very low avg. pots and new and inexperienced players but, still constantly make raises extremely high (including pre-flop). They do annoy me but, I’ll just sit out or move like Minnow said.

wanna know what, anybody gives you trouble again, you just ask Tunaman , he will set everything straight. Harley said so.

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@ImmaFish , I think @RowdyRudy makes a good point regarding the Duck Pond table games … “People are at the Duck Pond tables to learn how to play & to get comfortable playing”.

What I think is poor “Poker Etiquette” is what @MinnowShark mentioned … “When she left the game she just continued griping in chat about it”.

do I detect a hinder of animosity here ?

I notice a lot of players sitting out waiting for the all in every hand player to crap out. when you sit at a table you can tell who the joker is right away, I either sit out, or move to another table. I think the joker likes the attention and reactions from other players. Its the best poker site out there and like in life you have to put up with the good and the bad.