Poker Etiquette: Showing hand before showdown on the river?

This question is related to off-line (real life) poker tables, and the etiquette surrounding it.

So, I have developed this strategy when playing face to face cash and casual games. If I am in position and last to act on the river, and I am only considering a Call or a Fold, I like to show my hand before I act. Now, automatically some may categorise this as angleshooting, and to a minor extent, it could be. But the reason I personally do this is to clear my head and make my decision easier. It also allows me to think out loud, and of course pick up reads off of my opponent(s). I am aware that I am perfectly entitled to do this, however I want to know if you guys see this as angleshooting gone too far, poor etiquette or outright slow-rolling.

Please discuss… :slight_smile:

It is certainly not slow rolling…:slight_smile:

I’ve seen this, watching some poker on tv, but not very often. I’m not 100% sure, but it depends on the rules, whether or not you can show your hand before showdown. I would never do this in a tournament, unless i’m 100% sure it’s not prohibited by the rules. Also you can try asking dealer or some kind of manager about it. Dealer should know whether or not it’s considered to be bad etiquette.

It’s not slowrolling (I assume you don’t do it with nuts, but you have a genuine fold/call decision). I would also make sure that my opponent knows that i’m not mucking my hand, if you are worried about angleshooting. If you would showed your cards to make your opponent think that you have folded, then this would be cheating or angleshooting, but as far as he knows that you are doing it to gather some information, it’s fine in terms of playing fair.