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I was debating between PL and ML (pot limit pre-flop and then NL after).
I could make the Tues/Thurs 4pm ET tourneys ML if we can get enough interest.

Could we possibly play omaha hi/lo one night???

Which night and PL or ML?

That was quick Grandy… pl might be better , some players might not play

omaha much and pl might slow it down a bit… I play it much as I can and

like it better than holdem…

Thanks for responding , your a good rep. See you tonight…

Okay so how would yall feel about adding the Tues and Thurs at 4pm ET tourneys but make it Omaha hi-lo instead of holdem?

Yea that sounds good to me. I’ll play every night if the others will.

Thanks …

OK I’ll set that up if we can get 3 more players interested.

GrandyB, I think it will take time for the league to grow. I think the low stakes, pot limit game makes sense for players who would benefit the most from the league rules. This is a great league for new players who want to learn the game, and find disruptive bingo play annoying and frustrating in NLHE. It will take time for word to spread. The only thing I wish could be done is if the game could be configured to enforce the mandatory show rule for winning hands automatically. It’s so easy to forget, or not react in time, and accidentally muck.

It’s much easier to remember if you turn off auto-muck hands not only at the table but in settings (drop down menu/settings/game settings).
This way you get a popup asking if you want to show or muck so then you’re forced to hit auto-muck.
That said, I even unintentionally mucked last night and I play no muck almost every night.
RPP has already let me know this can’t be done so we’ll have to stick to the honor system :grin:

Good game…we actually made it until the break.
Results for 3-11-19

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As long as they’re rebuilding the poker program in html5, they should be able to take feature requests and put them on their backlog, and prioritize it as appropriate. The staff seem to be open to suggestions, but of course it can take time, and they can’t do everything. But it can’t hurt to ask.

Maybe they can do more to promote the league, too.

I’m sure they have a big backlog of requests they want to integrate but they’re waiting on the HTML5 version release as opposed to making changes to the old flash version.
Just out of curiosity tho, are you suggesting they develop an algorithm to automatically show winning hands?
If so, I doubt that would ever happen since we have the option now to turn off auto-muck now.
Once you’ve played this league enuf you’ll get used to showing/not mucking.
Over the last 500 hands I’ve played in a must show league (I also play in Poker Amusement) I’ve only accidentally hit muck twice and one of those times was last night.
If I can get used to it anyone can :grin:

Right, I wouldn’t ask them to make changes to the flash game, but it’s the right time to make requests for the HTML5 version since we know they’re actively developing it.

Adding a mandatory winner show should be a simple task, just a configuration option checkbox when setting up the tournament, no different from setting the number of seats per table, the starting chips and buy-in, the blind structures, or other options. It would override the player’s preference only for the time they’re at the table, and wouldn’t actually change their account settings.

It will be better than the honor system, but the honor system will have to do for now.

I’m not so sure it would be that simple.
I say that because I was warned by RPP before I started the league that it (no-muck rule) “couldn’t/wouldn’t be enforceable.”
We have to also understand, RPP is not crazy about leagues as this statement posted in the initial thread I started regarding the league "We limit the number of leagues for much of the same reasons we don’t have private tables. We don’t want to divert a ton of traffic away from the public tables."

It’s not enforceable precisely because the feature to enforce it hasn’t been built, and they’re phasing out the flash-based game. But when they build the replacement in HTML5, it’s easy to design and implement a configuration option like this. I program games as a hobby, and I know this from first hand experience.

Programmatically, it’s one additional condition to check, and one additional logical path for how the hand resolver flows, and one additional checkbox in the tournament designer. It’s probably maybe half a day’s worth of actual work, if that.

I can fully understand them not wanting to update the flash code that’s going away. And I can fully understand if they don’t want to implement every suggestion they get from the users. But that said, this is a reasonable, simple, and straightforward thing to do. They might have a lot of higher priority stuff to work on, but this is something that could be added to a backlog of work requests that they can triage, accept, or deny as they feel appropriate.

I have no reason to doubt you since I’m a moron when it comes to coding but I’m not sure they would want to even spend a half day of resources to integrate it since there are only a handful of players that might want to use it.
You and I and most in our league prolly would use it but then you gotta ask yourself…what percentage of players (including Poker Amusement league) do we make up compared to all of RPP.
That said, you might want to send your suggestion to support…I think there’s a thread on suggestions in the forum too but I can’t find it at the moment.

That was a good game last night… If everybody could play we
would really have a good game. I heard some say 9pm. was
to late for them. I can play most anytime if we had to play some
at an earlier time…

Well keep in mind guys, nothing is set in stone yet.
I consider the first few months to be a trial/experimental run so your opinions are always welcome.
If you can get the 9pm is too late ppl to play earlier let me know.
It seems the Tues/Thurs PL Omaha hi-lo at 4pm ET isnt going to get enuf interest.

Yay, I finally won one!
I found it very interesting after it became heads up with k8464.
We were playing pretty fast and then we decided to go even faster.
I wouldn’t call it serious poker but it was like speed chess and a lot of fun.
We were playing hands like this in just seconds.
Anyway, I added another player this morning and waiting back from another.
Hopefully we can get to where we can at least fill up a dang table…yall tell ur friends!

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Welcome to our new members, North49 and Sally93!
I was kind of amazed at the roller coaster leaderboard last night.
Very tight, sometimes aggressive, table for sure…It’s been a while since I was that focused on a game…lotsa fun!