Poker Disclosure

I’ll be sending out PMs to bug you every weekday now that the Tues/Thur games are starting up.
If they really do bug you though or you don’t need them plz don’t hesitate to let me know.

Dang, these new folks is good yall!
I just happened to get very lucky after the break…Kittie and I were just passing the stack back and forth and I finally got a little luckier in the end.
To give you an idea of how lucky I was I was all-in well more than 10 times!
If you start with this hand and scroll thru the hands you’ll see what I mean.

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Closest we’ve been to filling a table…actually had 3 payouts this time :grin:

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Dangit, I forgot to set a reminder for this one!
I hope it was fun :grin:

Another butt-whoopin for me but still fun :grin:

I had a good time in this one, somehow winning after ChaseDRiver had been running the table for most of the time. I got the hot cards at the right time.

It’s a real pleasure to play against such good players even if I don’t win.

Finally got the right cards at the right time. It was fun.

I finally won one :grin:

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2 in a row…yee-haw!
It would be nice to play at least one full table so I hope yall will tell your friends :wink:

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Watching CatchDRiver take 1st in last night’s 8:30 mini masters was a cliffhanger!
I shamelessly took the opportunity in the stream to promote PD by letting everyone know he plays in our league. :grin:

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Hey Randy–
I’m leaving on vacation April 23, returning May 7th. I’d love to play your T-Th games if you’ve moved them to 4 PM ET. I can’t play in Poker Amusement at 5 PM (PST) then play Poker Disclosure at 6:00 PM. Let me know!

Great Jan!
Yes, I too can’t play Poker Amusement on M W F and it’s one of the reasons I made the T Th early enuf that I could…anyway, welcome I just added your name :grin:

Thank you!! I’ll see you when I get back in May.

Looking forward to it :relaxed:

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Won tonight’s Disclosure game. 6 made it to the table tonight, I think that might be a record for games I played in this league. We’d really love it if we could fill up a table or maybe even spill over to a second one of these nights. Maybe that will happen soon.

Here’s my highlights:

I basically turned my game with this hand:

KQo on the button. I opened to 3BB, kcorbee re-raised me to 500. I three-bet to 1300, kcorbee and SharonSmarty staying in, the pot is already huge.

The flop is absolutely perfect for me, giving me THE STONE COLD NUTS, JTA-rainbow to fill me up with Broadway. Sharon goes all-in and kcorbee and I both call. The Turn and the River are irrelevant, I take the hand and almost 9000 chips. This is one of those hands that you dream about getting, and see maybe once in a month of heavy playing, if you’re lucky. SharonSmarty eliminated, Kcorbee cut in half, me with the big stack, nearly double the next biggest. This has me set up for a good run at winning this table. It is ALWAYS a great hand when I get to eliminate @SharonSmarty :slight_smile:

kcorbee and fransuah both played pretty well after this hand and kept things interesting. There’s a lot more poker left to play in this game, but if I had to pick the one hand where I won it, and it couldn’t be the final hand, this would be it.

I especially love this hand because you seldom see a 3-bet play on RPP, and it’s even rarer that you get 3 players to see the pot on a 3-betted prelfop action.

Somewhere in there, @Fransuah took a nice pot with this pair of Queens, taking another big chunk out of kcorbee’s big stack, moving up from being the short stack to having us all nearly balanced 3-up, which made the endgame a very interesting contest:

Sometime later, I decided quite out of character to limp in from the SB with T6s, and see what happens. kcorbee lets me in, and the flop is nice, but a little scary: 7J7, two hearts giving me a draw to a middle flush, but with a pair on the board that could have made someone a full house. No one is playing JJ here, not with no raise preflop, so I figure worst case I’m up against a random trip 7s, but probably not A7 or K7, and probably not J7, either. But really, we all limped in, I could be up against anything and I don’t really know where I’m at. I bet at the pot and get a call from kcorbee, while fransuah mucks it. The Turn brings a 2h, and my flush is made. I don’t want to take any chances of another heart hitting this board, giving an unsuited higher heart a better flush, and I don’t want to give someone holding trip 7s another card that could possibly pair the board and give them a full house. So I shove my mediocre flush, and get ready to be called, and kcorbee mucks it. I show my hand, of course, as is our custom here in the Disclosure Leauge, and she says she’s glad she folded. I don’t know what the had, but I am too. The only hand that would have called here would have had me beat, whether a higher flush, or a full boat. But it was my best chance to win the hand by getting all-in here.

And the final hand, I’m way up over fransuah, who’s been hanging tough and playing well. I’m dealt 44, and I know pairs are strong in heads-up, but I’m not the keenest on 44, if you know what I mean. Besides, fransuah is close to where he’s going to have to go all-in if he’s in any hand. I raise, hoping to discourage him from playing, but he calls, and we see a flop. 8dAhTh, a lot of cards in someone’s range that would call that raise, possible flush draws, and three overcards to my pocket pair. Not a great spot to be, but I figured playing 44 to see a flop would look something a lot like this. Fransuah shoves the rest of his stack, and I’m expecting this will double him up, but I’m not going to let him get that pot without a showdown, and so I call. He flips up J2o, and nails the Deuce on the Turn for the one hand he cold have made that would have been inferior to mine. Close final hand, a nailbiter, but I come away with all the chips at the table.

We play M, W, F at 9pm, and anyone who wants to show up and play with us is more than welcome. Fish especially. We always show the winning hand so you can see what beat you or bluffed you, and maybe it’ll help you learn to be a better player from some of the best on this site.

Don’t think we’re the best? Come on over and show us. It’ll only cost you 2500 chips to test your might.

Golf Clap :smile:
I didn’t go all in . I called both your’s and corbee’s raises.

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You called to go all-in, which is what I meant. You didn’t initiate it. But you were all-in. Bad board to have to do that on, but you were mostly all-in already, with top pair and a good kicker that put you a K away from top Straight, can’t fault you for calling there, no real choice there.

I’d like to think this league is going to survive after all somehow…always interesting competitive play that we all learn from…how could it not :wink:

Dang bud, you really know how to tell a story

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