Poker Disclosure


Yea they ganged up on me and knocked me out early…lol.


I was running last for a big part of the game so I know how you feel :grin:


I want to point something out since this league is supposed to be somewhat “educational”.
This is the hand you were knocked out on bige.
I’m not sure if you were trying to slow play your pocket kings or not bud, but I believe had you raised preflop instead of calling, everyone would have folded and you would have taken the chip lead.
That said, if the situation were reversed I might have played them the same…if that does happen, I hope someone will point it out to me.
I honestly believe that my game has improved somewhat since this league started…maybe that’s because it makes us really pay attention and forces us to recalculate our odds at every street.

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Sorry if I’m interloping…

I think a pot raise was warranted on the button with two limpers in front and the blinds left to act. Otherwise, you’re headed to a 5-way flop with pocket Kings which are unlikely to improve. I’m thinking you would have folded your A9o against such a raise @GrandyB? In which case, @bige13, you pick up 3.5BB for your trouble if everyone else folds and incur no risk of getting outdrawn (fold equity is great). Pretty good considering the effective stacks at this point. Or, one opponent calls/shoves and you’re a favorite against almost everything.

Post flop, I think a lay down would have been prudent in the face of the pot bet on the flop. Randy was repping a paired ace or better leaving you with two outs.


I know it… You got me fair and square!! I was trying to build up a little

sympathy for the Mon. night game… lol


Yes, at that table for sure…everyone plays tight and if someone bets big we (usually) know that player thinks they have the nuts…and we usually find we made a good fold when the hand is disclosed…not always but usually (sometimes it may be a semi-bluff).




This league is already a success… see how much fun we are having already!!!:birthday::clock9::joy::joy:


It was great time, good players having some fun and yes, a wild ride at times.
See you all again soon :smile:

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Wild ride indeed… as I recall we were all chip leaders at one point or another last night.
I really like that everyone in our league seems to like to play smart, patient, tight and aggressive.
I just wish there were more of us :wink:

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I didn’t feel like I played poorly last night but I still came in last …what a difference a week can make.
Pretty embarrassing when bige13 beat me and he didn’t even make it.
…here’s the hand where Jim finally put me out of my misery :rofl:

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I would like to join this league. It sounds fun and not near as stressful as most of the MTTs seem to have become (at least for me anyway).

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Great, you should fit right in bud!
I just submitted your name to the coordinator but he’s in the UK and I don’t know if he works on the weekend.
That said you should be able to play Monday.
Thanks for joining, I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us :grin:


I reckon I need to quit overplaying hands like this one if I ever expect to win!
As mentioned, I will be sending out PMs as friendly reminders the morning of our games.
Hopefully it won’t be long until we fill up at least one table :wink:


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I just sent out today’s reminder PM and realized some of you haven’t accepted my friend request yet.
If you don’t do that I can’t send you PMs.
If anyone doesn’t want to receive reminders please let me know and I’ll remove your name.


I’ve had several people tell me they would like to join our league but the games are a little too late for them.
How would you guys feel about moving the time to 8pm ET as opposed to 9pm ET?
I’ve heard it takes a while for a league to grow but honestly I’m a little concerned we can only get a handful of players together at a time…I don’t know about yall but I want to see at least one full table.
Please post here or PM me your thoughts/vote.


One solution might be to schedule an early and a late game, that way people can play when it’s convenient for them, or both. This might help attract more league membership.

You might also want to consider a 6Max MTT format until we can get enough players to fill 9-seat games. I’m not sure whether it’d be better or not, but it is worth thinking about.

I’ll try to play the Monday tournament tonight.


How about this…I will request 2 additional times but on different days of the week…Tues and Thurs at 4pm ET with the 6Max MTT format to start on Tues 4-2-19.
I’ll give this 48 hours for comment before I add the new ones.


Sounds like a good plan to me.


GrandyB Understandably you would want to accommodate times of the tournaments for the majority of the people who would like to play. I am in PST so I will try to make the games if you change play to 8 EST, you have a good league. On the other hand the other two suggested on Tues. & Thurs. I wouldn’t be able to make since it’s pretty early for here.