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I think @GrandyB will take care of you, @wildpokerdude. Welcome to the league :slight_smile:

Just me and Grandy played tonight. I won, but it was mostly a blur, as I was playing in Badonk’s Golden Donks league at the same time. I don’t really remember much about the game, other than I seemed to hit some pretty good hands more often than not. But my play mostly was instinctive

I just requested that you be added…I’ll let you know when they add you…welcome!

I don’t think I could do that worth a darn…especially with Badonk’s league where they play for 100K

You have been added…hope to see you soon!

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Its challenging, and I did make one or two mistakes that I probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t splitting my attention. On the other hand I avoid outthinking myself, which helps sometimes more than it hurts.

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I contacted Rob to let him know u weren’t added (even after I got the confirmation u were).
He’s in the UK so it’ll prolly be straightened out by Monday’s game…sry about that

I am tracking this thread too. :wink:

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I promise I come here too from time to time. :slight_smile:

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ohh, good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Gotta get you to come to the games more, too. :grin:

Yes, I know! Lately I’ve been doing the Beta Testing, and that eats into my pokering time. :frowning: I was hoping the survey would result in a few adjustments to tournament times in this league, since evenings starts at 6:00 p.m. for me (dinner time) and the mid-day game starts at 1:00 p.m. for me (usually chores).

We haven’t reacted yet to the survey… Last time I checked, we’d only gotten 5 responses. We were waiting for more.

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Yes, the pug did a great job with the survey and if more people would take it we’d have a better idea as what we should do to accommodate more people…if you can’t find the survey I’ll bet Mr pug would send you another :grin:

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Survey is here:


again, nice job!

Tonight’s Rebuy Friday game was amazing.

Five were seated at the table, and I joined a bit late, but I see in the hand history that I won the very first pot, on A3o, when the entire table folded to my empty chair, lol, but once I came in I started out very hot, playing a very wide range that kept flopping into some decent hands: two pair, trips once, a straight or two, a flush at one point, and a few times when I was able to bet down the pot on bottom or second pair after the table had made clear no one else had anything.

My first three hands that I entered, I took for a small pot of between 180-390 chips. The second hand, I’m playing 77, flop a set, and try to slow play it, but then the board ends up with 3 clubs on the Turn and I decide I better shut it down and take the hand on a pot-sized bet. A bit annoyed at that, as I was hoping to build to a much larger pot in this hand, but still much better than losing it.

After that, I had a lot of lucky wins on very marginal holdings, like this hand, J3 flopping a pair of 33s, and it ends up being good enough to win the hand, thanks to no action coming from anyone to bet me off the hand.

I went on a little run after that, winning 6 of the next 10 hands.

  1. K6o, flop 2nd pair, win the pot with a bet from position. 120 chips.
  2. 72s, flop bottom pair, and it’s good enough to win on a value bet at the river. 180 chips.
  3. 85o, river a pair of 5s, and again a value bet folds the table. 180 chips.
  4. A9o, flop a pair of 9s for bottom pair, and win a showdown vs. K9s. << This hand would foreshadow the final hand of the tournament, as it turns out. 560 chips.
  5. JTs, flop zilch, turn top pair and close the hand with a 2/3 pot bet.
  6. Q3o, flop bottom pair, make a hero call on the Turn and end up winning the hand with my 3s and a half-pot bet on the River. 240 chips.

Another 3 or 4 orbits later, I go on another mini-tear, winning 8 of the next 20 pots, and chopping one, raising my stack by about 2100 chips over the course of the run.

  1. Pocket TT, semi-bluff the pot down with a King over me on the flop. 700 chips.
  2. 23s, flopping bottom two pair. 600 chips.
  3. KTo, chop with KTs on a bright red board with 4 hearts, neither of us held a heart. 750 chips on the chop, most of which were mine to begin with; I think the blinds we split here was about 75 chips apiece here.
  4. K2s, pairing the Deuce on the turn and betting into it against no action, getting a call from 4 Diamonds who missed the board, and I take the hand. 500 chips.
  5. Q7s flopping a flush draw that I bet and close the hand on the flop. 300 chips.
  6. A3o, flopping bottom pair, taking the flop with a half-pot bet. 300 chips.
  7. 35s, limping from the BB, flopping a straight on a 574 board, getting action, taking a big pot on the river, but no call on my value bet. 1600 chips.
  8. I missed a chance on J8 earlier, folding it to a large raise after limping, then saw the board land for two pair for me, which would have been good on that hand. The next time I play J8o, I get to see a flop, and make top pair, and bet it down for a paltry 200 chips.
  9. KJo, flop top pair and get action on the flop, end up winning the hand JJ66K, taking a big chunk away from JanCee’s A9s, she had flopped 4 to a flush and called all the way down as no 3rd club landed. 8400 chips.

At this point, I’m way ahead of the rest of the table, and I am able to just cruise. I make a flush a few hands later, on T9s, and take another 4000 chips with it, taking GrandyB for a 1000 chip value bet on the river, he had made AAQQK with his hand.
The hand after that, I take 1400 chips with K4s, when I make trip 4s on a solid hearts flop.

I tighten up just a bit around this point, figuring I’ve got such a nice stack advantage, all I really need to do here is hold it and don’t let anyone get back into the game, and soon they’ll start knocking each other out. But I continue to play when I get cards, it’s not hard to play them when you have such a stack advantage.

  1. Q7s, raise, make a K-9 straight on the Turn, but get no further action at that point, I take down 1350 chips.
  2. KQs, raise 3BB, table folds preflop.
  3. A9o, raise 2BB from the Button, flop top pair, 9s, and close the hand with a 1/2 pot bet on the flop. 2000 chips.

At this point I now have about 17000 chips, and the rest of the table is sitting on 875, 2655, and 4125. This is MY table.

I win 4 of the next 10 pots:

Q3o, in the BB, flop comes up solid spades, AQ7, I min-bet and take the hand.
Q9s, raise 2BB from the SB, take the pot no contest.
AA, I try just limping to conceal my hand strength, and get one call on the flop to a min-bet, but when I step it up to a half-pot bet on the Turn I don’t get anything more. 2400 chips.

This is my last good hand for a while.

I have GrandyB on the ropes, he’s down to his last 1255 chips. I’m dealt AJo, which has lately been the bane of my existance. I raise it 2BB, GrandyB calls, flop comes KQK, GrandyB shoves the rest of his stack at it, I call on the strength of my draw to Broadway, but also the pot odds and relative stacks basically demand that I pay him off here if he has something, but he flips up 92s, and has 3 clubs. Turn is the 3c, and it’s looking dicey, and then he rivers a 9 to suck out and double up to 2910 chips.

Dang it.

But it’s fine, I still have over 16k chips and more than the rest of the table combined, so no worries, right?

I pick up another hand, on 42s, flopping deuces, min-betting the pot down. It’s just not fair when you have this many chips, you can get away with making plays like this, especially at a short-handed table, where it’s possible to play a very wide range, and call any time you hit the flop even a little. 1200 chips.
ATo, I pick up another pot, this time I raise 2BB and the table folds to me again.

My cards go ice cold and then it’s GrandyB’s turn to go on a tear, winning 8 of the next ten hands, and suddenly he’s a legitimate threat at the table.

A7s, flopping nothing. 1200 chips.
JTo, rivering a Jack to salvage a 1800 chip pot.
J4, flopping a pair of 4s, 1800 chips.
JanCee’s final hand, Grandy takes it with high card Ace, AQo over 73o. 550 chips.
I get a pair of 2s, raise from the SB and get called. Flop is J88, I bet half-pot, Grandy shoves, I lay down, he shows AJ. 3600 chips. @#%#
Q9 turning a pair of Queens with an inside straight draw, it’s good enough to end the hand on the Turn. 1800 chips.
JT flopping Broadway. 2400 chips.
T5, turning a pair of 5s, and I can’t call. 1800 chips.

All this time I’m getting dealt nothing I can play, and just bleed chips every time I’m in the blinds. I’m down to under 13000, and he’s come up to just under 8000. Wildpokerdude is sitting in the basement with a little over 2100 chips.

I pick up a few smallish pots, 900, 1200, Grandy hits a nut flush for 2350 chips to KO wildpokerdude’s pocket 99s, and we’re heads up. He has 10310 chips to my 13690, and we’re heads up, blinds are 1000/2000, and it’s a whole new game all of a sudden.

I win one again for 1500 chips, then GrandyB takes another big pot for 6000 chips, and follows it up with a 2000 chip win. Grandy just comes right back and takes the next hand for 2000, and then the one after that for 6000 chips.

I continue to miss flops and can’t pick up anything big. I’m out on my feet, and down to my last 4000 chips, when I’m dealt 22. I raise, Grandy calls. I flop a set of 222s, and Grandy hits top pair, Queens, which sets up an ideal situation for me as I shove, and he calls. I river quads and double back up to 9380 chips just as the hour comes to a close and we go into break.

Coming out of the break, I hit higher kicker a pair of 3s to the board, and win the first hand for another 3000, JT over T9, and we’re back to approximately even, 13120 chips to 10880.

We battle back and forth, I get another 9000 chips on pocket 7s, I raised max preflop and then shoved on the flop, it wasn’t ideal but it won the hand. I took another hand on J2s, bluffing at the river to take down another 3000 chips. Then I get dealt AA, and I’m hoping this will be the hand. I limp it, then Grandy bets at the flop, I raise, he thinks about it until the timer expires, and he lets it go. @#%@#^. I wonder if I should have played more passive here and just called after a long think, and then raise the Turn, but I didn’t want to let him see that card too cheap, either, and risk him hitting two pair or something.

We spend the next 4 hands trading 3000 chips back and forth, he takes 2, I take 2, then he takes 6000 with High Card Ace, I win the next hand for 3000, then the next 5 hands go to him: 3000, 4000, 1000, 8000 on a pair of lousy 2s, 1000. I win my last hand of the game for 4000 chips, and then I go all-in on K7, hit trip 7s, but Grandy wins it with A7.

That last sequence was brutal, I couldn’t connect with anything. The only way I could have possibly won would have been through successful bluffing, and while I can do that to Grandy sometimes, he’s been catching on to me lately, and it’s been getting tougher.


You’re so good at writing these pug!
It was a very strange game indeed…lady luck was on your side and you played that luck well.
After a while I just got so frustrated I finally decided I wanted to give up and go do something else so I shoved thinking I’ll donate my last few chips to the pot and got lucky.
From that point on it seemed lady luck walked away from the pug and came over and sat on my lap.


whats the chances I join up this league?

im involved in another league baddonks league and itsmy fave part of replay and I need another league challenge so here I am asking for that new challenge?

what yer think?

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Consider it done…you should be added by tomorrow’s game…welcome!