Poker Clothing

Poker Clothing…

I’m thinking of creating a few t-shirts and need some honest opinions on these designs good or bad.

Also would you wear one?

I went with a minimalist approach but can always change them :slight_smile:
I personally prefer a black shirt with white letters (or dark navy blue or gray), Im not a big fan of a white shirt with black image (I just did it this way for ease of posting but will change when I figure out some stuff I and/or you like ;))


  1. & 4) deleted.

So which do you like, which do you dislike and more importantly would you wear one?

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I don’t really get the last two as I fake it at the table.

The one I really like is MANIAC. I also think it will sell. I wouldn’t wear it because it is already a known fact.


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Thanks @Scratch I really appreciate your honest opinion :+1:
I have a bunch of different ideas and slogans for 1) as well, good to know 3) & 4) isn’t cutting it design wise :wink:

Also if anyone has anything they think is a good idea… please let me know.

After this post runs for a bit I do plan on wearing a few of these to live games and who knows maybe get some sales but this is the test phase… and I thank you for your insights!

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:spades::hearts::clubs::diamonds: , is that you’re brand name / Logo ?? is that poker player, or what… Is there a brand name, will poker be identified, is the ambiguity wanted, price to get to door, method of payment, male styles only??

From what I know, you need a logo/catchphrase/brand to get me to want to buy your stuff. The reason ppl buy stuff @ walmart is cause its easy/cheap. a Tshirt is a Tshirt is a Tshirt, I either want it cause its hip/kewl, I want it cause its your brand, or its just too good of a deal… no matter whats on it at that point… Your target customers have to have disposable cash to buy Tshirts, an easy way to buy them, and some expectation of quality… other than that, Tshirts are kinda like bumper stickers… anyone can jump into the industry… (my only prob is the ppl that can screenprint or iron-on print thier own T-shirts if the designs are too simplistic.)

Yes I wear Tshirts sometimes meaning I will wear a Tshirt, 1-2 come across as poker related , 3-4 kinda don’t…

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What fabric?

I like 50 cotton and 50 poly, look good, wear well, feel good.

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Definitely will have female styles as well. I don’t have a logo yet or a brand name (super early stage).

Wasn’t sure if the designs are too simplistic.

I do have one with the NUTS Ralphie :wink: and I’ll post soon.

Fabrics: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, preshrunk cotton, 50/25/25 polyester/combed ringspun cotton/rayon, 50/50 cotton/polyester, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats.

Seriously appreciate all the feedback!

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One of my favorites out there now (for comparison) - simple and catchy. Make sure to offer in sizes from small to XXX-donk. You may wish to offer a cheese-powder stain resistant option for online players. :slight_smile:
Good luck with the venture.


That’s my hometown (Philadelphia) :wink:

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If you want me to pay 29.95 for a Tshirt, then embedd micro fabric LEDs and have a button on hem to switch … between raise, call and fold … then have a background that compliments the LEDs,

Such as : ghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfgh11111 then put the raise/call/fold, in the blue area.


Good morning AreYouAhead.

First I would like to congratulate you on your ambition to be an entrepreneur in the T-Shirt / Hoodie space.

I love when people come up with good ideas that turn into a profitable business.

No matter if you are looking to make some product on a small scale or large scale your first stop is the trademark and pattern office to see if your logo/brand is available, if it is hire an attorney to process your paperwork, 6-12 months minimum for the trademark office to get back to your attorney.

During this time you can decide if you want to outsource to a company ( $2.95 - 9.95 per piece per gross) for T-Shirts depending on material, screen print and number of colors. The shirt color doesn’t matter, or if you want to buy your own equipment to due the work $$$$

Embroidering is a whole other thing !!!

If you want to make a poker related T-Shirt or Hoodie and sell to friends on a small scale , outsourcing to one of the hundreds of manufacturers that you can find online is the way to go cheap money wise.

The cost starts to add up when you research to or apply for trademark/copyright so no one steals your logo/brand.

Minimum investment around 10k.

If you want to go bigger then marketing comes into play on who or what your marketing too and scalability and timeframe. ( time is money ).

Minimum investment 100k

I wish you all the luck and success in the world .

Remember this please. You have to create a need/ want, be price competitive and have a market.

Investors help also :+1:t2:.

I’ll stop there lol.

I was in the T-Shirt/Hoodie space, decided it was too much of a headache and sold my interest.

Hope that helps. I’ll buy one.

Best of luck.


I think this is brilliant! That simple.



You could be on to something. There’s only a hand full of specialty clothing manufactures around the country. These lower end clothing manufacturer’s operate on very thin profit margins.That’s why you’ll see so many huge offerings, it’s often like a Walmart of choices. genres of topics, literally hundreds of different designs and sayings on them. You can also get them in 12 colors, and 8 sizes, in men’s, then 8 sizes in women’s They offer a great variety, but the shirts have no modern flair. It’s the same old type of funny stuff, or maybe not so funny stuff on their cheaper wholesale shirts…
So if you think you have some fresh Ideas and some pop that goes with it, then go on with your bad self. You will do very well indeed… I have an Idea that could work for you at this point in your venture. I’ll have to go back and try to find it… Hopefully It’ll save you some major investment cash… I’ve sent a friend request… I’ll see what I can still find and send a link to you.:sunglasses:

Good to hear ya Scratch…

I’m like BASF used to be… I dont’ make the things ya buy, I make the things ya buy better !
Wear-able “Tek” would be highly popular, if cost can be managed for seller/buyer both.
If I could only sell my 10-100m $ ideas for just 5%… oy vei !!!

@Craig_Anthony …Very nice post there, nice detail and KISS applied…

After thinking more last night, OMG… seriously, do this on a Hat, a simple 3 button control @ the end of a 3-4’ wire… then tell the dealer @ your local bar, if its my turn My hat will tell you what I intend to do , I will never speak… so you mimick kinda online play, live … :rofl:

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Thanks @Craig_Anthony, Im thankful for those insights, numbers, etc… seriously appreciate it! I plan to go small minimal investment/startup cash.

Creating the need/want is definitely the most challenging part (for which, I don’t know where to start). I thought this post would come in handy to get some unbiased opinions on designs, which is already fantastic!!!

@Rail-Bird Your alright my friend!

@Sassy_Sarah hahaha

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This one I created this morning hopefully its a little better than the ones above:

Edit: removed will be updating new logo soon :smiley:


Love it, there’s your brand, and could be used as a background too.

There are enough stupid ppl to allow anyone to clone exsisting stuff and sell it, just 2 problems… they don’t have the cash to spend, and you don’t have the cash for the startup…
Catch-22, the rich get richer, and the poor/middle get squeezed into oblivion …


@AreYouAhead. Michael keep going forward with your ideas. I don’t think it’s advertising on the site either. Your throwing it out there and getting some feedback, all good stuff.

Just wanted to let you know what’s in store and various steps.

If you want to pay the bills and have a nice day, pick something in life that you enjoy doing.

As I read the thread I will contribute more that will be helpful to you I hope.

Remember, check your branding/logo. The last thing you want in this early stage of the potential business is a lawsuit.

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Awesome stuff Craig! I’m going to keep going because I don’t have anything to lose :slight_smile: I’ll be looking into branding and a logo today and this week, as well as researching the trademark and pattern office :wink:


Very Cool. :+1:t2:

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