Poker BOT

poker BOT?

the game starts I have K K
I bet
the 2nd player race
I race too
He goes all in with 100.000
end 8h 10d
Hi win with 3 of 10
It ist real ??? I think No………

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No Bots here.

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While certainly an odd play, the 8d-10d is going to win about 21% of the time.

A poker bot would not make that play. A poker bot is designed to play a flawless game without the questionable moves that some players make.


You might want to read and understand the other topics that deal with the suggestion that RP is not fair. The analysis to date shows that every deal is random, to a stupid degree of statistical probability, and, therefore, losses are entirely due to player fault.

I am not good enough, not even close to good enough, to analyse your play; I am good enough to say that if you lose, you have failed to play appropriately or you are a victim of bad luck.

Please continue your discussion in one of the two current threads, that I think should be merged and shut off, that currently exist.

Dealing with people who have no idea of the statistics of random numbers is getting rather tiring.

I can explain to you and anyone else the ideas and concepts of random numbers. I do not have the, roughly, 3 or 4 months that is required to do so and I don’t have the interest in teaching.

Your education is your problem.

Wishing you much luck in your studies,

Slava Ukraini

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Bad play sometimes gets rewarded. You put him all in and had the best hand preflop, but after that it’s out of your control. Not like Pocket Kings or Aces never get cracked. However, you did pay for some information, which could help out later.

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It’s nice to have a discussion but berating the site and another player is childish. It doesn’t even add anything to the discussion.


you could choose to simply ignore a thread. there are many threads that I don’t read. in fact, I even used the little bell thingy and put threads on mute. means you will never ever see that thread in forum. its like it doesn’t exists. its a great feature that you should try out.

like couple other people, you’ve lost all creditability.

have a great day and mute threads you choose to not want to read.


I have found on most tables, the idiot that goes all in with a ridiculous hand, will most times get the nuts to win, Ive seen it so many times

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More likely, you don’t remember when the expected happens. Some fish goes all in with nothing and you appropriately punish him, and shortly after he goes away, both he and that hand are forgotten.

But when you’re the victim of a bad beat, you will never forget. You will remember every detail.

The price of free poker.