Poker "Blind Spots": Mine and Maybe Yours


Review Exhibit A above. It served as a wake-up call to me this week.

I am embarrassed to say I have been playing Omaha High-Low without appropriate information re: how the low hand is determined. After studying this Replay Poker Facebook Trivia post, I was about to confidently give my choice of A, B, C, or D. However, I noticed that no one else had the answer I was about to give.

Following this (appropriate) moment of self doubt, I made a quick Google search and reviewed the rules. (I knew them at one time, but my Swiss cheese brain lost all the data. lol)

A-ha! Happy to know the truth now and (I hope) I can play this game better.

Where have you been incorrect about a poker rule or protocol? And how did you discover the error?

Haven’t looked it up but I would say A - 7,5,4,3,A would beat B - 7,6,3,2,A. I don’t see C winning since it’s a full house and a pair of 7’s so, D is also incorrect.

Well, let’s see… You have to use 2 of your hole cards, so

A has… 7,5,4,3,A

B has… 7,6,3,2,A

C has… 9,7,3,2,A, so no qualifying low.

Looks like A wins low.


Yes. So obvious now! Which goes to show how dangerous a false assumption can be. I was looking at C because I saw two aces and a 3 in the community cards, with my hole cards of Ace and 2: All five really low cards. My false assumption was that this is what made a winning low hand. Perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting that, but I do believe it’s important to check (periodically) to see if there are false assumptions messing up your game. (Or–in this case, my game! lol)


I’m going with A.


C should’ve made a raise on the flop and a nice raise on the turn then all-in on the river if called by both A & B


Hi, These trivia quizzes are fun to create and even more fun to lead people into traps. The idea is to help people to think about what the right answer should be.

@smooth99 the order of the cards is not really critical but it is also fun to wonder how so many hands made the showdown.

I am responsible for concocting most of these hands and tbh, hands which players query because they do not know why they lost are a great source for them.

Happy Holidays and trivia solving in 2022.



Hats off to Jan for creating the thread :+1:t2:. Merry Christmas Rob :christmas_tree:

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So happy to know the back-story of these puzzles, Rob. I find them great fun each time they’re on Facebook, and I always pause for a bit to look at everyone’s answers. I have learned a great deal from them. Well done–and happiest of times in 2022!


I don’t do social media but please keep posting these puzzles. Great fun and a great refresher/ learning tool. :+1:t2:

Craig, with permission, I will post these here. Let’s see what options there might be. :slight_smile: Maybe past puzzles?

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Sounds great Jan. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

And to you, dear Craig!

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