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LMAO Ohhh Ms Jan , Yes you are SPECIAL !!! " If You Only Knew " just how special you are ! I’m Not Touching This One ! Walks back to my seat , in the back of the class . Smiles


I think it’s great fun that all of us come from such diverse places in our “real” lives and have such a great time together in this league. So happy to be part of it, and happy YOU are here too, SD!

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Please could i join your league?


I sent you a friends request so that I can explain the League to you .


cheers on that comment Jan :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will be looking for your invite.


I sent you a friends request.


You are now a Member of the League … welcome

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SS, you and I both are over-due for some wins here!! Let’s do this!


000003 Good Luck to us !

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Kevin came in 1st 000004 2nd… stony 3rd…:poop: forbully and Jan wasjpg%20(2)


Color me happy! And Juicee Loot’s emoticon is just unspeakably cute–mostly the unspeakably part!


lol she asked for one and said her user name on other sites is juiceebooty… she’s a peach :slight_smile:


I came in 1st… beth 2nd…some 3rd…:poop: for tatar and reese wasfartpoo

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1st place for SS! Wooooot!

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oh JAN Pffffffffft (suck up )


BUSTED! :lips:

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Stats for the month of March are :
Beth/Bet in 1st with 23 points (3+3+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+1)
con in 2nd with 18points (3+3+3+2+2+2+2+1)
fr8 and sd tied in 3rd with 11 points
Coltz and stony tied in 4th with 10 points
I did a points system so players can see how they did for the month. Three points for 1st , two points for 2nd and one point for 3rd, using this system I have been able to review all games and come up with the Top players for the month … All you win is bragging rights…lol