Pocket Pairs

I’m new to poker. Anytime I have pocket pairs on Replay, 9 outta 10 times someone else does. It baffles me. Does this happen in real poker or just British internet poker?

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Always wondered the same thing. Not uncommon to see three sets in one hand. Doubt it happens 90% of the time but quite often

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About 2014 at Foxwoods in Ct, I saw four hand pairs in a $2 - $4 (limit) hold’em game and NONE of them won. I was lucky to have zip and folded preflop… The betting after the flop was checked around every card. First player had 22, second had 44, third and fourth both had 66. The winner held K-2o and matched his K on the river. No one bet at any point after the flop, so the pot was tiny. All sorts of odd things happen in real games, just like they do here.


Well, if it happened once 5 years ago in a cash game… :slight_smile:

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It happens…


You should be dealt a pocket pair about 6% of the time. If 9 people each have a 6% chance, it shouldn’t be that uncommon for 2 of them to have pairs.


you forgot all the times your opponent folded or did not show you their card!


Before I sit down to play I usually put a pair of aces in my left front pocket and a 2-7 offsuit in my right front pocket. If I bet you out of the hand preflop and you ask what I had, I have three options for an honest answer. :thinking:


it’s normal, i sit people with at a six table with pockets very often, that is why when i have pockets unless they are kk or aa i have a rule if the third doesn’t land i play the hand normally this changes if it’s kk aa but anything low i almost expect to be up against 1-2 other pockets. The amount of times i see two people with full houses is incredible. I see two or three people with pockets extremely often. Same with str8’s and flushes, always look for a flush draw when you have a str8.



That would be ME folding the 2-2 or 3-3. Not much point in donating to the cause.

Just a quick reply to add some information to the thread.

I’ve used this link before, but it shows the odds of multiple pocket pairs at tables with a certain number of players.

I use rough math and you can correct me on this group, but if you are sitting at table of 9, odds are one in 3 deals will deliver a pair to someone. If you have a pair, it’s about a 30% chance someone else does too. So 3 out of 10. It just feels like 9 when you didn’t see it coming.