Pocket pair trap!

Have you noticed that pattern. You have a pocket pair so be aware that two other players do too!!

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yup, and there are other patterns I notice as well.

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If you hold pocket 7s, there is a 24% chance that another player has a bigger pair (at full ring).
With pocket Js, there is an 11% chance that someone holds a bigger pair (not to mention the chance that someone holds a smaller pair).

If you hold pocket 3s, there is a 9% chance that 2 players hold larger pairs than you do.
With pocket 10s, there is a 1% (still meaningful) chance that you are up against 2 larger pairs.

This is texas hold’em, people! The reason this game is fun to play is because every hand is different and so many of them are crazy.

If you get all in preflop with pocket aces against 1 opponent 1,000 times, statistically speaking you will lose about 150 times. That highlights the craziness, even without any conspiracies.

No-limit poker is a game about reading players and situations because there are an infinite number of possible situations. The math and your starting hand are extremely important, but they are only a small factor in how things play out. That is what makes the game exciting, and if you want a game where every decision is 100% predetermined based on the math in a particular situation then play limit games or blackjack.

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Also you have four of kind and other person too at the same hand…

I’ve never lost on 4 of a kind, although I can count on one hand how many times that happened.

I cannot remember if it was on this site or not, but twice in a week, I had pkt kings and flopped K K A. Turn was ace river a 2. I lost on both occasions to 4 x ace! Needless to say I threw my dummy outta my pram! When people say this is holdem, I say rubbish (well not actually but will keep it polite!). It is a PROGRAM and programs are fixed no matter who makes the program. They are fixed to get the game done in a ‘reasonable’ time. That’s the nature of computer games surely?

this drives me freaking nuts! on omaha hi lo ill have a flush and someone beats me with a full house and the another person will have a straight or ill have a full house and another guy beats me with a pair or some crap and another thing that drives me nuts is if you have a great hand you bet like crazy and the guy next to you has the same amazing hand but one card better. ugh this game sucks what are the chances of 3 people having full houses or a group having flushes or straigts. not very realistic at all and it sucks because i enjoy playing but its like im getting scammed…

loook here


i am soooo stuped! pffff… but dont know the player need see hes hand anyway as its “Ring Games” :smile:

Full houses happen all the time in Omaha. A straight is not a good hand, and a flush on a paired board is not a good hand.

remember in Omaha, you maybe dealt more cards,but you still only use two of them n three cards from community to make your hand,plus a dialogue above the community cards do tell you what you have

I find full houses should be folded if there are 3 of the same car on the board, There are far too many quads that appear and make it a less than great hand. Secondly I find there are too many table flushes in which 4 suited cards fall (usually the last one on the river). I think occasionally it’s fine but lessens the power of a pocketed flush, Thirdly, perhaps this is my curse, I know I am screwed when I get two pair of the flop. Probably just my bad luck. Not as adamant as ib the other two, Only my observations for what it’s worth,

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