Pocket KK vs Pocket AA

So the villain is a super LAG. He raises all hands, raises everyone else’s raise, c-bets the flop, double barrels when there are pairs on the board, fires with nothing, and makes people fold, fold, fold again and again, because whenever someone tries to get him to showdown, he always shows something which has not happened more than 3 times, so we don’t really know what his low line is.

So the hand starts with a low stacker, raising 5BB from Mp, villain 3bet’s from Co and we have KK in the hand on the button.

Obviously, I smiled thinking now I had him. I called, the raise, which was re raised to 19BB’s and then we see the flop.

378 of diamonds.
Our first raiser who only had 25 BB’s left went all in there, Villain called and I called too thinking the most he could have is AKs, or something like that.

The turn came a 9 of clubs and villain raised me all in, which I called, after all what could he have?
What are the chances of the classic AA vs KK clash.

But my dreams broke when I saw him holding rockets.
I still had a chance on the river because one of my kings was of diamond, but the hope broke when a 2 of spades came.

The thing is i feel like it was a setup because I was refusing to being bleed by his raises and c-bets.

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