Pocket Jacks

How would you play pocket Jacks in this situation? In this game I have a maniac image, while the villain is a GTO wizard.

I think the plays are all fine, especially if you’ve been playing like a maniac.

I don’t like the check raise on the flop. What is he going to continue with that is worse than JJ?

You have to remember that he 4-bet pre-flop, and you called. That means he has all the QQ+ hands, and you don’t (in general). Maybe he has a flush draw, or a weaker hand than JJ, but if you put in a huge check-raise, he will fold his hands that are weaker than yours, and continue with the ones that are stronger. I’ve heard this described as “don’t bet if your opponent will play perfectly against it”.

You should call his flop bet to keep weaker hands in his range.

Also, the raise size was too big. You bet over pot sized and left less than a half pot bet remaining. You should try to leave either equal or larger bet sizes for later streets as a proportion of the pot.

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