Please Stop rewarding bad players

To many time bad players get rewarded for playing stupid hands. It’s gettingvery annoying.

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Would you care to elaborate on that?

Sometimes bad poker players just have all the luck, even great poker players but I can say this, Replay Poker doesn’t reward them !


Yes I would love to, if you take my coments serious.
First of all, I noticed that low stack all ins wins 80 to 85% of the time. You might think that’s stupid but statistics don’t lie. Lately I have also noticed that players with horrible hands also win many hands. Bad players gambling get rewarded. Almost all on the river. I know what your going to say it’s poker and that might just be it but after 12x in a row losing big hands like this it’s at least suspicious and very very annoying.

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Noticed within first hour of joining You were quite upset with the win rate and players… Hope day two might bring a lil more luck Your way…


Low stacks can gamble more and almost certainly will, so I think this is a big reason you will see what you label as “bad players” getting lucky! I’m not saying Villain is, or is not bad, or is, or is not lucky! However any player can happily gamble (1/2 duck pond) with a decent hand like ATo or 99 for 50 or 100 chips, but with a big stack like 1200 chips there is much more to risk!

Adapt your play & strategy accordingly! Avoid tables with this kind of play/players if its ruining your poker experience. I find 9MAX tables are WAY more crazy gamble, even at 500/1000 stakes. So I would suggest playing 6MAX where there is less chance for chaos to happen!

Recently I called a big pot on the river ALL IN with QQ and Villain had hit an Ace on river with rags… I cant blame the player for playing badly and getting lucky etc. I can make an annoying fold and save my chips with good discipline!

Remember: Only YOU can stop bad players getting rewarded!

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I’m not sure what you mean, I never said that I don’t take comments seriously. To me it sounds like you’ve come across a few “bingo” players. Those are common, no skill or patience, just all-in gambling.

Just learn to have some patience and try a few smaller low stakes tables, observe a table before joining to get a feel of the action and decide if you wish to sit in, or not.

Thx for answering.
I play tournaments only. I just played a 9 2.500 table. Gamblers won with 10/7 Q/2 6/3 etc. six times in a row against strong hands. You are properly right but its been going on for weeks now and its starts to get very very disturbing

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Try Freeroll tournaments. Costs nothing to register, and you can quickly get a feel for the regular “bingo” players, use the player Notes in the Chat window to mark them so they stand out so you know what to expect next time. Gamblers will always gamble, the best thing you can do is be patient and play your cards right.

If you keep an eye on Tournament Lobby pages, you will soon see that the same regular names drop out early or before the paying positions, those bingo gamblers hardly ever get far by playing the way they do.

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This is the case.
I have been playing RP for more than a year. From scratch, I made 800.000 by winning. Made a mistake and lost 500.000 in one game. left with 300.000 chips Bought 1.2 million chips for 10 dollars. Now I have 2.000.000 chips. Playing small tournaments. Buy in from 500 chips to max10.000. You do the math. I mostly get to the final table in live tournaments. I can stand my ground. I play for fun yes. Playing for big money doesn’t interest me. BUT the last three to four weeks the algoritme in RP has changed. Bad players keep winning, good players keep losing (not only me).

Just lost another tournament with straight to 7 to a stupid gambler with an impossible hand.

Not angry but at least suspicious

Variance is much greater in tournaments. I only play cash games and recently had a downswing of over ten days that had me questioning my skills. But, I’m back up well over what I had before the downswing, and I’m in another semi-downswing right now where it seems that there are a lot of suckouts. Gotta remember that lousy players play every hand and you might have several in a game that won’t fold to save their lives. Therefore, in a game where they aren’t losing anything the chances of you losing are much greater than if you were actually playing in a game where the players were actually risking something other than free chips.


I’d pay RP for the ability to store and analyse hands & card distribution data etc to feel less suspicious about the algorithm. There is a lot of crazy stuff I see on RP, but its counter-productive to be overly suspicious.

Even if you are not angry, its likely u will play worse whilst suspicious and anxious about the RNG, or algorithm etc.

That’s a massive gamble, especially if its MTT only that you play! Even in a ring game you are gambling hard here! As @MinnowShark said: “Variance is much greater in tournaments.”

Forget the about the rewards the bad players get, and focus on the RISKS and rewards you are willing to accept! You have very little control on “bad players” or Villains decisions to take on risk & get rewarded.

Devise a Bankroll Management Strategy you are comfortable with. When u start day 1 on RP with 2500 chips than put 100% 2500 down to invest and risk. Slowly as you win more invest and risk a lower % unless you are happy to keep gambling and buying more chips.

Thx for you reply.

The 500.000 mistake wasn’t attentional. Made a BIG mistake by not looking and clicking the wrong tournament … ooops. My mistake not a problem.

I don’t trust anything with algorithms :slight_smile: Especially when money is involved that’s why I never play for money online and when they turn out impossible outcomes time and again its … well … what do I know :slight_smile:

  • I’d pay RP for the ability to store and analyse hands & card distribution data etc to feel less suspicious about the algorithm. -

I have been looking for that tool for a while? Sounds stupid but can’t find it.

Sorry, I meant I would pay for software or a browser extension if it was available! No such software or browser extension is available as far a I’m aware. It seems RP has no interest in developing and offering such a feature, or additional software. I actually dont think many players would be interested in paying for such a feature so its probably a waste of RPs profits to invest in such.

Generally I think its both a good and bad thing players are sceptical or suspicious about the algorithm for RP as a poker site and company.

Some players will quit RP bc they either are sceptical or suspicious or even swear black and blue the site is rigged, especially after losing. I think a lot more players will just play worse poker and lose more and buy more chips bc of their scepticism and suspicions which is ironic to me!

I see many players join SNG & MTTs and never actually play! I kind of feel sorry for them, plus its annoying to play HU against a player sitting out for 10 minutes! I always think there should be a confirmation button or an undo button etc. Unfortunately its not very practical for RP to implement such a feature and would create a 2 steps forward and 3 steps back scenario IMO.

Its fairly normal & human to feel that way. I just dont think its a worthwhile advantage for RPs to create a system that tries to favour or hurt another player AKA rig the algorithm.