Please stop moving me to a new table in the middle of a hand

This situation happens a lot in a tournies. It’s very annoying.

  1. Me and someone go all in
  2. Our hole cards go face up
  3. Flop gets dealt
  4. Turn gets dealt
  5. Screen changes to “You are being moved to a new table” BEFORE river is shown. I never get to see river card

If you were all in and got transfered to another table…you won. It’s happened to me as well, it is annoying.

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That should not happen, Replay needs to fix that. If you click on the Previous hand link in the top left of the window, you can see what happened.

Actually that doesn’t work. It shows you the previous hand for the new table, not your old table.

Interesting. In that case, you can browse back through your hand history. Probably not convenient during the tournament, though.