Please stop letting USERS win chips in tourneys as ghosts (w/o playing)

I would have placed 3rd in a tourney, but this donk named rebeljack was able to sit there as a ghost and make the money while I lost. WHY DON"T YOU REMOVE GHOSTS FROM THE TOURNEY AFTER MISSING 2 ROUNDS OF BLINDS (20 min) AND PUT THEIR MONEY IN THE POT??? Please fix this RP, its a joke to lose my third place to some ghost who didn’t even play…

The ghost player payed his buy in. Sitting out is the same as folding every hand.

There is not much you can do agains it. Some players have problems to enter the tour, you cant remove them from tour.

But a player who is sitting out would never be able to win a hand. They are working on that, i hope its soon the rule in the ReplayPoker tours.

Yes, happiness, is correct, we’re changing it so that players who are sat out, fold their hands at the earliest opportunity, so if everyone else checks, they don’t stay in the hands. Should be implemented in the next week or two.

Ghosters need to be timed off the table. See FRC game-176911/ Dec 11-17:45 UTC. How is it right to place and win when not at the table?

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you should automatically booted from the table if you sit out 10 hands in a row…is that so hard to implement?


I don’t think that is a good idea. What if you are in the bathroom, having a smoke break, or can’t make it back quick?

That’s how it use to be on fulltiltpoker when that site was up.

The subject has been beat to death. The only way you lose to a ghost player in a hand is if he is in the big blind and everyone folds to the big blind. If you pay attention to what you are doing the ghost player should never win a hand. If you lose a place in a tourney to a ghost, then the fault is your own. Seek medical help if you must!!!

when ghost are in tables after the third time round the ta ble they have to place the full blind each turn i understand computers crashing but it shouldn’t take that long to re conect you can always fold no ghosts

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