Please explain this hand

Player goes all in, it clearly shows he has 0 in his bank, but somehow during play he gets 5k or so back into his bank.

I go all in, others fold

There is over 8k in the pot.

I win with 3 jacks

Yet it seems the pot is split, I’m the only other player, and don’t get the the entire pots.

What rules is this, what is going on here ?


it’s because of the stacksizes.
in poker you can never win more then what you have invested in the pot. you had a stack of 1204, so you can’t win more from any player then 1204 every player that has an amount invested above this will get into a sidepot. if one of the bigger stacks has the best hand they get it all, if the guy that only invested the main pot wins, he will get teh pot and the second best will get the sidepot.
in this case, there was no sidepot because everyone but you folded to the all in. in this case the sidepot is just the remaining chips, so it’s automaticcly returned to teh owner since theres no one that can compete for it.

hope this helps,
gl yiazmat.


Ok, I get that yiazmat.

Should I have played, or bet any differently, would have made any difference ?

in general, playing 120BB’s with AJ is just way too loose, however in this case you are playing a 5/10 cashgame, which means most players have no idea what they are doing, which means they probably play anything that looks good (perhaps some even play cards that don’t look good at all) and just go with it no matter th betsizing. your opponent is a good example of that. he is open shoving 700 BB’s with a hand that’s nice, but way behind anything that would even consider calling. on top of this, open shoving 700BB’s is bad anyway. the only exception might be when you hold a good hand and know that theres someone that calls any2 every time.
in other words: for this situation, i think the call is just fine because you know they are playing way too lag

The reason I went all in was based on a “leverage” strategy, or “Value Bet”.
He went all in @ 7k pot, I had 1k pot ( rounding up/down for simplicity).
That would equate to a 6k profit for the risk of my 1k.
Had the opponent won, he risked 7k to win 1k
In horse racing lingo, that’s odd-on to a very extreme, or in my case, “Long shot”, bet 1k to win 7k less my my 1k cost of the bet.
However, it did not pan out that way, I only got what I paid for as you explained.

And yes, the player was being a bit aloof, AJ can be a risk, he had QK… I don’t know, sometimes a pair of 2’s become 3 of a kind and wins cos the river is the 3rd 2, over someone holding a pair of Aces.
just don’t know sometimes

Thanks for your replies.

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Blue, you were against a SINGLE opponent who bet 7K chips. If you can only call 1K of them, his other UNCALLED chips have to be refunded to him, so they were effectively NEVER in the pot for you to win There were only 2K chips in the pot (that’s why you saw 5K chips go back to him). You got all of the 2K in the pot. Had six other opponents called for 1K each, THEN you would have payoff odds of 7 to 1 (but also six additional opponents to beat). In the actual case, with a single opponent, you were getting an even-money bet (chip-wise) from the pot. Instead, suppose a second caller had come in for the entire 7K. (the total pot is now 7K + 7K + 1K = 15K) Further suppose that second caller can beat the other guy, but not your hand. You will now collect 3K (a 3 to 1 chip payoff to you), but the other player will win the remaining 12K chips. Players who go all in often create side pots because not everyone at the table will have the same amount of chips. You can only win the chips you have paid the pot for a share of. I hope this makes sense.


How do you know his opponent was single and not married? I don’t think marital status should make any difference. Just my opinion.


Alan25main, yeah I got that when it was explained the first time.
I thought all in was all in and winner takes all, that is why I was asking.

SunPower, I don’t think this is a dating site ?


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I’ve been here too, but I learned why it goes that way and will try to explain. Others, no doubt, will explain better!

Aphrodite’s ALL IN is a pot of many more chips than your ALL IN can be because you have a smaller chip stack. No one else antes, so it’s just you two. You have the better hand, but the pay out to you is based upon the size or your ALL IN. He gets back the chips that weren’t needed to match your bet. It’s not at all a split pot: the size of his bet was essentially reduced to match yours.

Now I will learn from this too when someone tells us both a better version of the outcome, but I know mine is in the right direction! lol

Ooops! The joke’s on me. Wiser heads have already responded so never mind!

First we start with a deck of cards, We like to use 52 of them broke up into groups of 4, like 4 ones & 4 twos, and 4 threes etc… you can go at your own pace until you get to 13, then we break the 13 groups of 4 into pretty little designs like hearts :heart: diamonds :sparkles: Horseshoes :horse_racing::flat_shoe: and rainbows :rainbow: I think…
Hugs Jan just teasing :slight_smile:

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not sure why this post is moved in this topic, as theres really no reason to do so.

but in the real topic you asked if you made the right call, first of all i have to say i would have shoved it right away instead of limping first. you only hold 10BB’s, which is enough to play push/fold poker. and on top of that, you are only playing with just 3 ppl and you’re on the button. most of the time you will be ahead anyway, and you hold a blocker to many hands that would call here and are ahead, on top of this, even if you’re called you still have decent equity because A5s has still additional equity through flushes and straights (not a lot more, but still it’s more). all reasons why i would shove here. just to make clear, usually when you do get called you’re probably behind, but your blocker and backup equity makes it a good hand to shove into just 2 players. when playing 3handed, your hand value goes up because there are less people that can wake up with a hand that beats you, and you have to play much more on the blinds you you have to make up for that by playing more frequently.
so in short: instead of limping with 10BB’s i would just shove it right away. you are denying yourself some additional fold equity.
as for the call itself, it’s mostly dependant on your reads on him. since it’s the end of the sng you should have been able to know how much he plays. if he’s shoving or calling a lot, then it’s an easy call. if you haven’t seen her do this much yet, then i would probably fold. as played, it seems she tried to take advantage of the limp by stealing a wider range. unless he’s doing it all the time of course.

hope this helps,

I think it was a bad call.

You probably weren’t ahead of anything he might have and could have picked a better spot to risk your tournament life.

Open-shoving against the blinds or a limper is one thing, calling is quite another.


That’s kinda why i asked. the player’s former play had a big part in my decision, but afterword thought that she probably had a pocket pair, leaving me drawing from behind. tks for the feedback.

IMHO you were heading down a dark alley. Potentially you were facing 6 players holding a 20th ranked hand with a 25% chance of success. As it turns out you beat out a KQ that had better odds who had he lost would have lived to fight another day. I would have picked another time and position. There was still a long way to go in that SnG. By the way where did you place?