Please explain Replay Satellites

I know how satellites work in real-world poker, but have no idea how they work here. That’s despite extensive searching, but there are no search tools or they only deliver hundreds of results.

I don’t see, for example, what the payouts are for the final game, nor the time for that game, assuming I qualify :slight_smile: Why would I want to play in a Replay satellite tourney, anyway?


I hope this helps.

Try them because they’re a lot of fun.


helps some, thanks. but do they notify you when the tournament you won into runs?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. If you want to know when the Satellite tourneys run, Goto the Lobby, uncheck Favs Only and click on Tournaments sort in Ascending or Descending order. Make sure Game Types, Betting Limits and Buy-in are all set to All.

thanks for your patience. what I meant was once you win a ticket in the satellite tourney, how do you know when the tourney you won the ticket for runs? Because if it runs on a Sunday, for example, I wouldn’t be able to play.

If you sort the Tournaments in Ascending or Descending order it will show the times and dates. Or, you can make your interested tournaments a Favorite and check Favs Only this shows your Favs only in the Lobby page.

To make the tournament your Favorite just check the Star on the left of each tournament.

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I guess I’m still not making myself clear. Let me put it another way. In the real poker world – World Poker Tour, for example – you play in a satellite on an earlier day to win a seat in the championship tourney. You could, for instance, play at your local casino on Saturday to win a seat in the Las Vegas championship the following Friday. So if you win the satellite, you know when you’re going to play in the championship tourney.

I don’t see any “championship” (or final) tourneys on the Replay dashboard. They’re all satellites. So, once I win a ticket by playing on the satellite, how do I know when I’m going to play in the “championship” equivalent?

Thanks again for bearing with me here.

Okay, maybe I see what you are asking. You play a Satellite for 2.5k in chips or you used a 2.5k Ticket previously won to win a 20k MTT Satellite Ticket (as in the example in post #2).

You can now use this 20k Ticket won in any upcoming 20k MTT whether it’s for 20k in chips or requires a Ticket noted by the ticket symbol. The 20k Ticket is equivalent to chips.

Yes, thank you. That’s exactly the answer I was looking for and it’s so obvious you’re probably thinking “why is this guy even trying to play poker anyway?” Because I’m certainly feeling stupid right now.

That’s the great idea of satellites, there are no championships unless a promo occurs. But the more free tickets you win & continue to upgrade from, that 1 ticket can put you in a very high paying tourney!! GL at the tables !!

Yes, thank you. Finally figured most of that out with some help from another player. But are you saying I can amass tickets from, say, a 20K entry satellite, until I have 5 of them that I can then apply to a 100K tourney?

No, the Tickets can not be added together.

Again, in the example in post #2, you can use a 2.5k Ticket to win one of the (5) 20k Tickets. In the last example because it’s a 2.5k Rebuy (note the +R) tournament, you can win one of the (6) 50k Tickets.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.