Please Correct the Ongoing Breakdown of SnG Lobbies

Scratch… One of your “new stories every month” recently was about the swans on lake carrareigh or whatever you called the lake. New story??? yeah … na… All ya did was change the names in an Irish legend called Clann Lir or Leanai Lir. This story ( that you supposedly created) has been part of the Irish junior school curriculum for many generations.
Go ahead and repost it please.


I wrote/created and posted two children’s stories and both were based on Celtic mythology; the themes were the same, and my characters were based on the same characters in the myth. The stories contained my unique words, phrasing, description, dialogue, character names, deviations, etc. I grew up in Woodside, Queens, an Irish neighborhood in NYC so am very aware of the stories. No news here friend.

Myths have been rewritten and adopted forever. An archetype of a man/god, born of a virgin, killed and risen, spans many cultures. Resurrected saviors/prophets/miracle workers gave the authors of the Jesus myth. They borrowed from Horus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Zarathustra, Hercules, Ra, Krishna, and a host of other “Man-Gods”.

They said Jesus said, “he who has no sins should throw the first stone.”


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And here I thought all along you were born and raised in “Southey” the Irish neighborhood in South Boston…:wink:

Well, I have complained about this three (3) times over the past few months so I felt obligated to contribute to this thread…

“Southie” is where the incredible movie The Departed took place. About the Irish mob it, has the great quote of damnation when Colin the cop says, “I’m fackin’ Irish, so I’ll deal with something being wrong the rest of my life.” Irish guilt lives!


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Yes I used to live there. Great movie also !!!

County, you should also ask for your chips back when you complain.


I can’t tell you even now if I have successfully ridded myself of the guilt ingrained from growing up in Irish blue-collar neighborhoods; they are all the same as far as I can tell.


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Thanks Scratch…
I love the Banter with a decent brain teaser… To have a story like that about your handle is awesome. You’re truly a storyteller as well as a connoisseur and admirer of other legionary storytellers… It’s so sad to see it as one of the great dying art forms of mankind now. It all about cars crashing, blowing up stuff, and of course, everyone’s favorite, doing the dirty deed on screen. Being in the business I was in I got to listen to some doozies…I love Love Loved it… The best are the comedy writers who’ve endured and suffered a lot of pain in life. Their writings as well as their artistries are incredible. Robin Williams, Mark Twain, Richard Prior. The list go on and on. I too share some of the more important quotes, and I have certainly passed on some great stories that I was told. Sometimes they’re too good not to share with people. :sunglasses:.
Rail-Bird / Walt

Matthew, Okay, this is a challenge: Staying within this thread, go back to the multiple choices I gave you. Your challenge is to use your own quote above, team it with #3, a character mentioned in #5, and name the character in a story by the humorist in your quote, knowing that my great uncle’s wife and the wife of the writer of the story were close friends, and their husbands too were close friends. If you figure out my great uncle’s name, thus my name, you will figure out the riddle and learn a word in #2 and another word in #5 are also in the title. The name of the story is mandatory.

Shortcut hint: He also ran for Governor in New York against a man who has an Island named after him in NYC.

If you get this Matt, you or anybody, can guess my name.

Scratch (smiling broadly)

Wow !!! That’s some challenge with there being 42 islands in New York ! Most only know the main 4 islands.

Scratch (and all) - I have been chatting with a few people about the leaderboards and how the quest for points alters the play in these games vs typical SnG strategy. Having 2 bubbles creates a different type of game. Now, whether a leaderboard goes with “best of” (horrible idea) or “average of” (better), why not eliminate the artificial points bubble and just have points and chips paid out to the same players (top 3 in a 9 person game)? This would allow SnG’s to be played like SnG’s in real life, for everyone. Leaderboard chasers and people playing for pure ROI would be playing the same game.

Just a thought where simplifying the system would seem to have benefits and I don’t see where the downside is. Everyone would be playing the same game, with the same goals. The leaderboard would then much more closely reflect the best players overall and not overtly reward players who wear out the fold button until the points bubble is burst.

I like SnGs for many reasons. However, I am not overly fond of the way they are structured here because of the artificial 2nd bubble. It would be nice to play games the way they are played everywhere else while still keeping the leaderboards intact for those who want to compete on them.


Is this really the right topic for this Warlock ???

I remember staff saying they would be eliminating the 50% rule as part of “under construction”… That only solves some of it, and I don’t believe “best of” or “ave of” is the best way to do it.

Both have thier huge downsides, plus the formula also creates other inconsistancies between different events.

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Right topic? No idea anymore. The subject of tourney points was brought up earlier in the thread so I took that as a green light. Frankly, threads wander so much and repeat topics over time so much that its hard to keep track of what is what. If a topic is current and hitting on a closely related issue, I’m probably going to use it, even if not directly on point.

I did not see the bit about 50% being eliminated. If they could marry the point and chips payouts in the SnG’s and MTTs, I think that would probably be a good idea. Get everyone playing to have the same goals, to at least cash, not just be in the top half.

As to best vs average, if those are the 2 choices, I have to go with average. Best of is just way too distorted to have any meaning whatsoever. Anything weighted more towards volume than merit isn’t a keeper in my book. Sure, there are issues with average as well but at least there’s something to work with there.

Well after looking for the other times we could’ve discuss’d this, I found alot… so , uhhh…

Yes, I currently am under the impression the 50% rule for cutoff for t-pts will be eliminated, while the 50% rule about participation to get said t-pts will remain in effect…

Having said that, there’s gotta be a better option than “best of” or “ave of” , certainly without restrictions.
Best of - rewards the person playing as many MTTs as possible.
Ave of - forces players to quit after XXX number of SnGs

And we did go thru all of this in another 2 threads Warlock…
Something that not too often gets mentioned is that not all SnGs or MTTs pay the same, then are still compared as they are… yet noone seems to think this is a problem. It is even more pronounced in MTTs… this should be addressed.

Lets take SnG 1st, shall we …
I play my 90 SnGs, all 6max, and win all 90.
You play your 90 SnGs, all 9 player, and win all 90
… So who wins ??? well duhhhhh you do, yours pay more…
Then MTT next…
You play all 5k, all more than 100 entrants, and you win all of them.
I play all 1k, all less than 50 entrants, and I win all of them.
… So who wins ??? well duhhhh you do, yours pay more…

-Best of- and -Ave of- , neither of them address this fact.
You can try and say its harder to win a 9ppl SnG than a 6ppl SnG, but really its about the same…and even MTTs… each table is eating ppl, so its not like its that much “harder” just a bit longer for the most part… and lets be perfectly clear here… Both a SnG and a MTT is really the same damn thing with only 1 difference… fix’d # entrants vs variable # entrants… the strategy plays out the same for both.

Since most players stop @ the exact limit for SnGs ave, if you then simply set a max # for MTTs… so its more “best of 100”, then the 2 types would both still have problems but would be much closer to each other… If you read thru the post on Champ Pts, then this will make more sense, but… somehow they all need to be worth the same or as frick’n close as possible… in the champ promo it should’ve been easy yet wasn’t done as only 60 tickets are given out each month.

The formulas get written so that all Low, Med, High aren’t worth the same… and that itself is exploited as we speak… sure maybe a Low is worth less than a High, but thats only valid in a combined leaderboard, and Replay has none of those so why should a 1k be worth less than a 5k… they both are a Low MTT or SnG…

(edit) and no I don’t think only cashes should count thats where like the olympic promo comes in … and the payout sceme has problems as I have noticed of late, not good …

To get back on track…

Players keep reporting problems with the lobbies, I have seen it in all 3… SnG, Ring, and MTT… I’m not sure if this was as bad before the last “switchover of servers” or whatever that last major thingy was a few months back… Lobbies just don’t update properly, and it gets frustrating for most ppl… not sure if its an inherant browser problem, or a problem with the code itself…

If it was just as simple as switching between lobbies to refresh them I’d be kewl with that. ( so they reset and refresh on thier own again ) rather than having to close my browser and come back to the site to do that… but it seems if I have a lobby open, then open a table, play, then close… the lobby stops updating…

On this topic, I really don’t know what the prob might be…

Regarding Lobbies not updating correctly, we’re working on a permanent solution, but in the meantime, please let us know whenever you notice it right away. Submitting a support ticket will get the quickest turnaround time, but if I see reports about this in the forum, I alert our tech team immediately.

When we get a report, our tech team restarts any server that might be having issues updating correctly, so the sooner we know about it, the better!

Refreshing on your end will help temporarily until our devs are able to address the issue. I know that is pretty obnoxious to deal with, so I do hope we can get this bug squashed once and for all!


i go with the flow i know you do your best michael

Do you really want a report every 2 hours from me ???
Thats how often it happens or more … can be as little as 20 minutes.