Please consider Omaha hi/lo freerolls roulating like the other freerols?

Omaha hi/lo freerolls

I dont see any freerolls in european timezone for this game. If you would roulate them in stead of example omaha hi (this is kind of holdem wit 4 cards) more people might play this game as its free. I know from expierence on another site, it takes some time till people embrace this game but when they play it a bit more get hooked up with the game. The only game i see is omaha ace to 5 en its only a few people playing it. So please organise the omaha hi/lo freeroll on a regulair basis?

Hi ron

Thanks for your suggestion, as soon as we adjust the daily tournament schedule, probably around October, we will certainly insert Omaha Hi/Lo freerolls and some more daily Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments.

Thanks. Greetings Happiness.

Tyvm :slight_smile:

Groetjes Ron

completely agree!! i didnt take any care for omaha but then i saw some poker after dark videos and realised its alot more interesting and unpredicting with 4 cards