Please add more tables...!

I think there need’s to be more NL table’s on replay. It takes to long to join a table.Thank’s a_cooper.

Hi a_cooper.

There are always empty tables. As soon as a player opens a table an other new empty table appears.

The full and running tables are on top of the page, when you scroll down you see the emty tables.

Greetings Happiness.

Hello my friend! the rooms if full or near full its duplicate themselves auto, see the numbers after the room names. Just open one , have a seat and wait for others to join you. Im surprised you ask this, as you are a long time player, and this future is there for ages.

I realized this may a problem, people dont like wait alone in the room, one of my idea to somehow compensate the player who start new room and make it full. Its discussed among the staff members… we see.

I mark this thread answered

One thing that frequently works is join an empty table, then got o a table that’s full and make a comment asking if anyone is interested in joining the table you’re at (give the name). I’ve found I get 3-4 people relatively quick, particularly if there are others watching and waiting for a table…

the problem isn’t the tables, it is that there aren’t enough players. so invite your friends everybody!

yes, we need false registration, fake players :stuck_out_tongue: ,

You mean bot players. :slight_smile:

Paul dont want thet, Would be interesting play against the computer tho,

Hate to play against fake players. When i lose i lose from real players / people , not from bots. Brrrr…

who said anything about fake players?

I’ll second that! :slight_smile: