Playing Poker on a Cruise Ship

I’ve watched fellow cruise ship passengers play Texas Hold’em and have wished I had the courage to join the game. I was terribly afraid of being outed as a fish! Anyone have cruise ship poker experiences to share?

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I would pay attention to which cruise line you’re on, the income level of passengers. I would watch a few games before making the decision whether or not to play. That said, some people have told me they paid for their cruise with their poker winnings. Cool.

Sadly, I haven’t gotten the chance to join in on a cruise yet. One of my uncles though had that same experience @300mph mentioned, where he’s been able to pay for everything with poker or blackjack winnings. I imagine I’d be more likely to end up paying for someone else’s cruise!


Are you on one of them AnteUp cruises? Have you ever played live before? My advice is just find a game with a buy in level you’re comfortable losing (e.g. 1/2 $200 cap) and sit in and play. No other way to break past the anxiety. Just leave that fish mentality at the door and don’t worry about it… trust me, 95% of the 1/2 1/3 population are fish, some just a little bigger than others. Good Luck!

My story, played first live game at a little casino up in Ft Randall SD with a bunch of old rich farmers… they love the gamble. I had been playing NLTHE and learning as much as I could for a couple months and ran into this game on my delivery route. I sat in for $300 not knowing it was dealers choice (mix NL and O8), I got first choice and chose NL and the whole table groaned… lol. I was dealt JJ and won $100 on my first hand ever dealt. That was the last NL hand of the orbit, everyone else chose O8. I had no idea what I was doing but thought I had a grasp. What’s so bad about 4 cards right. I did not understand lo hand rankings nor did I know about being counterfeited when the board served a card I played from my hand. One hour in I was busto. I went home str8 on the internet and studied O8 for a week str8 till that game went again. To this day it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played… $2/5 with a Kill and every street capped the betting and went multi-way. In a 2/5 O8 limit game it was nothing to have
5-6 $800-$1000 pots per hour.