Players who accumulate chips early, then sit out

I have questions regarding Astral SNGs. I have tried to find a reference for this item but was unsuccessful. A player must be active for at least 50% of the hands played in the game or they can’t be awarded the tournament points. My question here would be this: If I’m playing at the table and there are still 4 players near the end, and I am in 4th place, and there is a player who has chips but isn’t active for the 50%; I get knocked out at number 4 and I get points but no chips. Numbers 1-3 get points and chips. However, the inactive player is one of the top 3. Does that player get chips and what happens to points that inactive doesn’t get?

I am pretty sure that those points don’t go to anyone and just go poof. That player would win chips though for whatever place he ends up finishing in.

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