Players Suddenly Get Stacked WAY OVER Table Maximum & Playing It IS CHEATING, Yet NO Consequences?

This is one situation I’ve seen several times on Replay, and I’m SURE it’s been reported before! For whatever reason, the Replay Poker Program re-stacks a felted Player, OR greatly ADDS to a stack with a chip total that is WAY over the table maximum buy-in. Call it a “glitch”, call it “intentional” for favored players or someone who has hacked the system,…call it “I don’t know what the hell happened?” :slight_smile: BUT it does happens!..

So OK, the system re-stacks you with a big bonus, which automatically puts other players at a big disadvantage. (especially if that player is super aggressive as this one is) Would YOU play that stack, as if that were somehow fair?

I consider it CHEATING, pure and simple! After reporting the player and “suggesting” a suspension of their account for a few months the player was back playing the following night! A month or two suspension would go far to stop players from using their ill-gotten gains!

In my mind, an honest player would acknowledge the program mistake to the table, and he/she had to leave and go to another table until he could come back with a proper starting stack. This is the right way to handle this!

I had taken most of this player’s chips earlier, and he is super aggressive and shoves huge stacks preflop a LOT. So when I and others had gotten him down to a 4K buyin a lot of the pressure was off me not worrying about my 100K stack with having to deal with 30K and more preflop shoves. (MANY of which are oftentimes pure bingo rag shoves!)

Here is the Replay Pokers preliminary hand a few nights ago at issue:

In the hand above, notice player position one folds and has a 4000 “max” starting chip count. The NEXT hand his stack balloons to 30,687 and in typical style of this player he shoves it preflop! (below)

…and he shoves the next hand again preflop too…

After reporting all the details I was very disappointed to see him back the following night, with absolutely NO consequence to having “cheated” the previous night.

…and I received the standard Replay Poker response: "Your report for (player name) has been resolved. Thanks for your help! "

HOW was it resolved? He was caught cheating and back the following night! Geeze,…

1, RP wont do anything before investigate, that may take couple days. More if they busy.

  1. Moderation not like hit and run. All deserves a second chance, also , moderation in levels. if they ban every cheater for half year, 20% of the players gone.
    better show the rules, rather than ban.

They will do, dont worry

never mind the fact that aplayer at that table had some nasty things to say