Players Sitting Out After Going Bust

Just a suggestion. Is it possible for Replay to shorten the time a player sits out after losing all his chips?
I see players waiting for a chair at the table sometimes for a long time.
A player or two loses all there chips and occupies the seat until the six minutes knocks them off which adds to the frustration of waiting for a chair.
If the player is coming back all they have to do is add chips so waiting players can click on the chair and see he added chips and will be back.
Replay is such a great site that waiting for a seat at the table sometimes is frustrating. I know I have been there.
Again just a suggestion
Thank you for listening

Dear Rbravo1506,
I believe many Players do not realise that to leave a Game they should click STAND and then they will get the option of clicking LEAVE. It is unfortunate that Replay do not make this obvious !

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Thanks percy.
I agree but you would think they should know that.
When they want to leave a table while still having chips I would think that they would know to hit Stand…
I think that it’s more likely that they are so mad about going bust that they can’t leave the table with a little class. They have to go away mad and don’t care about anyone waiting for a seat.
Thank you for your response. See you at the tables

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I agree with OP this is quite annoying. If you bust you should be given 20 seconds to choose to reload or leave (like in a rebuy tourney). If you don’t have sufficient chips to refill you’re automatically removed without a delay. A lot of players just click [X] when they bust instead of properly selecting “Stand Up”

Generally the rules for sitting out should be much different when there’s a wait list. I would support a policy of no sitting out at all when there’s a wait list.

Excellent idea!