Players received a mssg from me, but I didnt send them

Players received mssg that I didnt send


Not sure what is going on, it is very odd. I reported it to the staff, hope we get an answer soon.

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Thanks for reporting, I also received a bunch of new message notifications. It seems like one of our lovely players decided to play a trick on us as they discovered a way if they sent a certain type of message to their friends and their friends viewed the message on the website (by clicking the link in the email notification) it would send the same messages automatic to all their friends and so on. That’s why some players would have received multiple emails.

Thankfully this time it was just a prank and NO HARM WAS DONE. No one who received the email was infected with any sort of virus, none of our servers were compromised, no accounts were accessed, no chips were removed, no personal data (password etc) were accessed.

We fixed the issue as soon as we discovered what was going on, deleted all the messages sent and prevented any further messages sending out automatically.

On behalf of the whole team I’d like to apologize for any concerns these erroneous email mail have caused. Security remains one of our top priorities and needless to say we intend to double our efforts to ensure sure that nothing like this ever occurs again.

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