Players Posting & Folding in Tournaments

You see it in every tournament, more and more. Players get a stake and then click the Away (Post & Fold) box. Most of the time they end up melting away, but more and more I’ve seen players do it toward the end of tournaments. They figure they’re safe enough to get in the money or, worse, get a 15K Ticket.

Supposedly they get deleted after 3 levels, but I just got out of a tournament where that did not happen. I am suggesting that the length of time allowed Away be shortened to a set number of hands, to allow for people who truly need the break, but not so many that they can sit back while the blinds increase and other players get eliminated. I would suggest 6 hands.

Either that, or make it so that anyone who finishes a tournament in Away mode forfeit their prize, whether it be chips or tickets.

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People can just keep on folding hands anyways (and you should be folding A LOT in tournaments,) actually being there to fold compared to being away doesn’t really matter, if anything it’s a disadvantage because the player that’s away can’t get chips out of his good hands. I have the feeling you got bubbled at a table where 2 others were away. Reducing away mode time available won’t fix anything, no offense but if you can’t beat players that LITERALLY can’t play their hand, maybe the issue is with you rather than with the away function.

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The reason some players are sitting out is that they are involved in other tourneys gathering as many points as possible. I know with the Asian, the Euro, and the American tourneys they have them back to back only one hour apart. I wish that the site would space them out so we wouldn’t have to juggle them at the same time, especially when one table has 9 players and the other has 6. It definitely hurts players from playing the game the way they normally would. The one thing that really hurts is you can’t read the players, betting patterns, or if someone if bluffing a lot, never mind the hands that you never see because your involved in a hand on the other table. This site wants good players to be the best that we can be. There is no way of that happening with these set of tourneys being one hour apart. So I hope the site can maybe set the times for these 3 sets of tourneys far enough apart to finish one tourney before the next one starts. Would like to hear from those who agree. Maybe we can get my suggestion enacted If we get enough people behind this.

This has been mentioned before re: the timing of the special tourneys. Although it is doable playing both same time, would be nicer if could be timed say a little later. I get it though as this is a large site with so many games to get in.

Yes they have a lot of other tourneys but it wouldn’t take much to rearrange them. Move each of the 2nd tourneys farther apart and move the ones that are scheduled there back to where the original tourneys were.

The American, European and Asian League Is especially for players who not want to spend many hours a day on the site, but want to play a competition with friends.
That is the reason only 1 hour between the start of these both league tournaments.

I do have a problem with players, that do not show up in the SNG tourney, un til they are in the placings. It is not cheating, but completely unfair. If they are playing two games at one time, then it seems certainly uncanny, that they show up to start in the last two or three players left, in the tournament. As for the timers go. I think, that they should be faster. Some players purposely run them down to the last mino-second, just to be obnoxious I just don’t understand people, that go out of their way to make the site more and more unfriendly. I really like playing hold/em to have a good time. Not to have to put up with all of these other ridiculous situations. Basically people, GROW-UP !!!

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Actually while SOME of the time the delays may be obnoxious, I suspect MOST or the time it has to do with bandwidth. I live in a country where, at certain times of the day it is just fine. But at other times it drives ME crazy. Case in point, today I had a full house Q-Q-Q-3-3 and am clicking madly bet, BET, BET!!! And the system folded me because the lag was so great I timed out. I’m sure the others at the table were annoyed at my delay, but imagine how I felt!

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Hello Geeperz,
I do not think you are sure of what I am upset about. This site does have trouble with lagging. BUT, that is not my problem. What I am bothered about is the players that do not show up at the tables, until there are only two or three seats left at the SnG. This way, they do not have to play in order to win their placing and win chips. I have seen it where players do not show up at all, and then are given 2nd place earnings. This is totally unfair. I know for a fact that others agree with me.

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All’s “Fair” in love and war… And, that includes poker…

If it’s legally possible to do … It is Legal to do…

Plain and simple…


So you have all sorts of things some players hate, me included. Sure this is just for play
chips but realism in rules for players who want to go on later to cash play is also helpfull.
Whether or not its wasting the blinds in the 1st couple rnds or the last couple rnds, building
or using a stack and sitt’n out, going all-in every hand in a row, ect, ect, ect. The better
players will adapt and overcome these things.
This site so far has so many good things going for it already. Sure there can be things
that could be improved, but players do need to learn how each rule effects gameplay
and how to use any rule to his/her own advantage. Playing multiple tables should never
not ever be a problem.
I’ll give you 1 example of adaptation… I hate bingo players, but in the 500+R tourn
I embrace the rebuy and the bingos to my advantage. So in that 1 tourn I actually
look forward to the bingo players, just more chips for me.
In the end, if you ever want to progress to real cash poker, embrace the realism and all
the possible ways for players to exploit the rules. Cause in a cash game… Cash is King !!
( alls fair in luv & war … and that certainly applies to poker )

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