Players can't sit out on final table

players can’t sit out on final table

How do you mean Idc414? A player can’t stand from a tournament, so if they’re at the final table (either because they’re away or their internet dropped) what do you think should happen?

Paul — Perhaps you should just create a tournament with a rule such if you sit-out you forfeit your stack regardless of any time spent away. You could call it the Bladder Buster 25000. Increase the blinds slowly and provide a large guaranteed pay out. Just see how popular the game turns out.

Also, no sarkozi breaks!!!

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The world knows sarkozi is a delicate flower of humanity!!!

‘Bladder Buster’ - what a wonderful tourney name!

I also like the Lust in the Dust 20000".It is of course an all nude tournament.

I’m sure sarkozi will thumbs up that one.