Player with the largest number of Endorsements

Just curious who has the highest endorsement rank, can a list be provided of say the top 10 monthly and is there a ‘cap’ or are the ranks unlimited?

And what is the reason for this ?

I suspect he’s just curious. :slight_smile:

I also suspect that he or she or whatever their preferred pronoun might be is wondering how their endorsement level stacks up against the top level.

How does one know how many Endorsements one has received?

Mine shows only in % broken down in three categories. And, it does show a Rank

That’s very suspect….

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No suspicion, subterfuge, etc. I’m just curious who is the MOST courteous player with the largest rank that’s all.

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I was actually addressing SPG but to answer your question, it’s me of course :joy:

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LOL! Glad that was figured out. Anyway, if anyone out there is willing to share their endorsement level, in my eyes since I ASKED it should not be construed as a brag. Hell, RP posts the top players, why not the top endorsement level? If anyone thinks otherwise please don’t hesitate to straighten me out! Thank you and good evening!

I should have been a little clearer and just asked about their LEVEL, not individual endorsements because you’re right they are only posted as a %.

You are right on SPG. I’m just naturally nosey and curious. I heard from a reliable source that there is a player with a Level 5! Compared to my level 3, I look like an ogre…

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I am rank 2, 3% Poker Pro, 2% Good Sport, 2% Helping hand, 93% Great Hair


The whole program is a JOKE … Trust me bud all I get is “Helpin Hand” when get bad beat as an Site granted Insult even when I win the biggest games on the site … once again it is a JOKE

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I have a 4 rank and believe you need 625 endorsements to get to that level.

So What does that mean … That u are the swing man in a circle jerk? lol SMH

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I’m kinda lazy. That sounds like a lot of work.

With an attitude like that I can see why you don’t like the program…

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Nice level, but it’s based on %, not total or games played. Just have to be nice and endorse every1 u can…

Hey Goat just wondering how you get your head in and out of your house?

In the words of Warren Zevon, “I saw SunPowerGuru drinking a a Pina Conta at Trader Vics…and his hair was Perfect.” HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLL Werewolves of London :slight_smile:

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