Player Rep Feedback

Good luck Caracal.

I hope you are a hugh sucess. Wishing you good starting hands, great flops, fantastic turns and unbelievable rivers.

Have fun,


[quote=“lildevil109, post:19, topic:6370”]
I look at it as helping replay with cash purchases
[/quote]You mean ppl will think " ohh I need to be top 10, let me use my CreditCard ", if so… can I meet them on the tables for real $$$$ , cause “rank” =/= “ranking” and it should say Bankroll, not Rank … Aren’t there ppl that love huge “bankrolls” and would pay ???

You miss the point of ppl asking for an actual ranking system. Any pro that plays here should have a awesome score if any logical, rational system was put in place… or are they scared it would show they aren’t as good as they’re cracked up to be ?

[quote=“Caracal, post:18, topic:6370”]
People who always talking about rank are weak for me
[/quote]Ppl that talk about rank are also not weak, some are curious…" under criteria x,y,z… how do I stack up against player Abc ".

But this isn’t the right thread, its on Player Reps … lololol