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Some discussion sprung up in another thread about our newest volunteers. I’d like to make sure the conversation was preserved, so I’m moving it out of the Ranking discussion into a new topic. Merges will follow below.

It isn’t that people are clamoring for a ranking system.
There is already a “ranking system” in place, in the form of chip total. If it wasn’t a quasi ranking system there would be no reason for Replay to display our chip totals to all the other players would there?
But it is a really bad ranking system.
What most people are saying is…If you are going to display a ranking system at least make it somewhat credible.

On a side note, I would suggest that if you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you may be straddling the line between Player Rep and Company Rep.

If you are not sure, this is the test:
If the players appointed you to your position and have the power to remove you…you are a Player Rep.
If the company appointed you to your position and has the power to remove you…you are a Company Rep.

The way it works is if you are the sociable type you probably have lots of friends. So the company notices and asks you if you want to be a players representative to the company. There used to be a forum for the Players Reps. Don’t know what happened to it.

Thanks for the explanation.
I’m sure Craig is a good guy, but he is obviously serving at the pleasure of the company. If/when he no longer serves their purposes, he will be replaced by a more compliant “good guy”.
That, by definition, isn’t a Player Rep. It is a Company Rep.
Replay owns this site and can do what they want. But trotting out their handpicked mouthpiece as a
“Player Rep” doesn’t instill confidence in the integrity of the whole operation.

My goodness, it sounds so sinister. It isn’t that way. I was a players representative and a moderator. I am also a critic. I will not get into the details but when I stopped being a moderator it was a voluntary act I made because I didn’t see eye to eye with others. I talked with Paul Gould about it and I was neither fired nor did I quit. We both saw it would be better if I was loyal in my criticism, which I will remain. The reason I guess I stopped being a players rep almost three years ago was because I was the only one and I determined this because I was the only one exchanging on the forum.

I will say with absolute surety the people who work here and volunteer here are incredibly supportive, nice, kind, and to a soul, are stalwart in their effort to make Replay Poker a great success. We don’t hear that much from Paul here any longer but he is also a genuine humble guy who is successful in his own right in many other ventures and is building Replay Poker with a lot of money and a lot of integrity. Ash, Thibault, and all that are paid or who volunteer, say ten to twenty people, read every word that is written here. And they discuss it. I repeat, they discuss our ideas. They care and try super hard to reach consensus on everything they do.

Look, whenever I get frustrated and angry at something about what is going on, I want to quit and never play another hand of poker again. But sooner or later I step back, and realize it has given me a world of pleasure. Replay Poker hasn’t stated it but I would say their motto is “progress not perfection” and that is a realistic point of view.


i am also incredibly worried about the dark motives of the website that lets retired people play card games for free

Your right Scratch. It did sound sinister. I could have worded it better. I’m still not convinced that its inaccurate. I’ve seen too many people muted and banned to believe its all clouds and candy.

I didn’t know you used to be a players rep.
Can you tell me what that means?
Did you think you were representing the players?
Were you serving the players? the owners? both?
I’m sure you know Rep is short for Representative.
I am honestly confused as to who you think you were representing and who you were representing them to.

nothing to see here

Good Evening Whittaker,

I will try to make myself clear.

I saw the position of player’s representative as somebody who would advocate for things that I believe in that would help the interest of what I felt was a majority of the players. Of course I did not feel like I was representing the players, and certainly not in the political sense. I felt I was always serving the players’ interests, even when they didn’t even know what was best for them. I also was and remain sensitive to the costs of doing business so would weigh concepts and offer solutions.

I wouldn’t get hung up with the title because this is not even close to a democracy; it’s a business. My function was serving the players AND management and often went to bat for individual players on their behalf, and the next day went to bat for Replay Poker. Also, I often supported actions that were against my personal interests as well.

I did earlier use the term consensus in its political sense. We Americans think the two party representative system is real democracy when in fact the most perfect democracy is consensus democracy, where everybody’s interests are considered. That Replay works that way is a brilliant business model.


Now we all know what a Player Rep does.

Good Morning Whittaker,

To go full circle and close out what Craig does and what I did and still do informally, I should say that at least one change occurred, which was the inauguration of the European, American, and Asian tournaments and leaderboards working with Happiness. I suggested ways to grow the SnGs that worked, working with Happiness there too. She too listens to conversations at tables and responds. I am also sure Craig speaks up and out about items he hears. In addition, and as you have likely gathered, this forum when serious has been the source of many changes. So in a sense we who write here are players representatives too. You are Whittaker, and you do a good job.

You are here and many others playing free because of others who have supported this site by purchasing chips… players here seem to forget that!

i know this is off topic but felt the need to replay about the “free” chips

oops reply lol

Hi Whittaker and all,

I want to take a minute to clarify the Player Rep role as we have recently revamped our entire Volunteer program, including the Player Rep and Moderator roles. This was done based on many of the suggestions from our player community, and incorporated valuable insights and recommendations from Scratch.

The new Player Rep role was announced in our May Newsletter, and we are very pleased to have had a very positive response from our community. Our players, like Craig, volunteer because they want to help others, and they want to be a part of Replay’s dynamic team.

Player Reps are at the tables to assist players – they welcome players, they answer questions and they help calm situations when players get upset during games. When players have comments and suggestions regarding the site or questions of a technical nature, our Player Reps bring them to the attention of Replay staff. We encourage our players to speak out and share their thoughts. All feedback, positive or negative, is not only welcome, we believe it essential to our growth.

The goal of all our Volunteers is to help other players. Plain and simple. We are humbled that they are willing to contribute their time and effort to ensure that our community offers a fun and friendly environment for folks to make new friends and play their favorite game of poker.

I hope that this clarifies the role of Player Rep. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message at wordy1. Want to volunteer? I will be happy to send you more information. :blush:



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Thanks Susan,

I see that “Player Reps” are members of the Replay Volunteer Team and are to assist other payers.
That would make them Representatives of Replay who also happen to be players.
Sounds like a very good idea.
The title is what confused me. I think these titles would be better:
Replay Volunteer Staff.
Player Assistance Specialist
Replay Peer Support Member

People who always talking about rank are weak for me, its mean they are low rank in rel life. So, I don’t give a ■■■■ of ranking.

I get a lot of comments about rankings. Most are they are useless because people can buy chips and lower their ranking. I look at it as helping replay with cash purchases. I look at the rankings as how long they have been playing not if they are a poker pro.I have played with some that claim the play the WSOP tour and use this site to unwind. More power to them they have the same problems as I do where are the good cards. Whittaker, I volunteered because I like helping people and i want to help keeping people off the tables that join to disrupt the games. We want to play poker and have fun with the players.

Dan Jamierson

I’m going to play European Poker Tour in August, its my first time , I hope be in cash. I think I have good skills from players of RP.