Player Notes Disappearing Randomly

I’ve been noticing a problem with player notes vanishing randomly when I’m looking at them.

I’d open the “notes” field while playing a ring game and over the past few days if I already had notes on a player they would sometimes disappear right in front of me as I’m about to add something to them or even just while reading them.

I can’t tell what causes it, and most of the time it doesn’t happen but it’s really annoying when I lose a bunch of notes on a player I’d collected over a couple of years in some cases. It only seems to happen when I open the notes for a given player while playing a hand (they don’t disappear until I look at them), but I haven’t tried reading notes in other contexts.

Is this a glitch, or is there a limit to how much data we can store as “notes” and it starts deleting them when we go over the limit? I would not expect to be anywhere close to that limit, though, so I would doubt that that’s it.

I, too, have noticed that my remarks are disappearing. It’s very hard to remember all of the details for each player.

Hey guys, I’m not aware of a limit for notes taken or the size of the notes, but admittedly I’ve never tested it. :\

If by some lucky chance, you happen to get a screenshot before and after one of these disappearances occurs that’d be amazing. Either way though, please let our support team know by sending an email to if you see this again. When you message them if you could supply the player’s name that you had the note on and the general time you saw it disappear, that would be very helpful for our Tech Team to track down the issue.

Edit: I’m able to recreate it consistently now, so it’s not random after all.

A screen shot would not really convey any info since it would just be an image of notes being present then another of them being gone.

When I open a player’s notes, they disappear if I click anywhere else on the page except another player’s avatar, which then shows me any notes I might have on that player (and those will disappear if I click something outside the text box or an avatar).

I also opened a player’s notes, copied them, clicked outside the box, they vanished, then I pasted the copy back. After doing that they no longer disappear no matter where I click.

It happens to every player with notes if I click outside the text field.

Our tech team was also able to reproduce this, and we should have a fix in soon. Thanks a lot for letting us know!

EDIT: Fix has gone in.


You might want to talk to your support staff and “Tech Team” about being more diligent with their investigating and attempting to replicate the problems reported by users. I reported the exact same issue a few days before this and despite telling them that I saw it happen as I simply clicked to play a hand that was going on I was told rather dismissively dismissively that “I had our Tech Team check this for your account and they’re able to confirm that our system does not delete notes on its own. Anything related to player notes is user-initiated.”

Edit to add: Glad to see you have at least fixed this. Thank you.