Player n table


all that and having to leave the table is

too much trouble. and viewing to see what I wrote on profile would disturb my game… very poor

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the did not understand how to take notes on players topic.

Paul, thats sounds lucidly . Mars, thanks for the gift :wink:

julieann/sarkozi, I agree with you both. Our plan it to roll out player notes in staging. First allow players to start making notes off the table (as this is easier for us to set-up), then start allowing note taking and reading from the table itself. It’s the obvious way to go. So, don’t worry, it’s coming… =)

I may see what RP will say, the mini profile is crowded , put it on the table would slow down the play. I dont think this future for use all the time, I think thet meant for some, who want make note on players they regularly play with. Especial when “friend list” have to be accepted. Say “sarkozi love flowers, send some on hes birthday , feb31.” :slight_smile: I dont think thet meant make a 5000 note a day…

I agree with julieann, notification should be possible on the table, this is almost useless… … but the answer is a top ! :slight_smile:

Perhaps RP could make a softwear in joint with Microsoft Xbox Kinect and some speach recognition program , than you can just wink, speak up and your note added auto to the profile you wish. Also, I like to have my coffe in my bed when I wink both eye.