Player is playing. profile says they're not

Gee, thanks. Such an open friendly bunch. Happy Holidays

sometimes players don’t want to be bothered by “some friends” and no u are not invisable at the table lmao

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Hahahahahaha :joy: some play like their invisible

Today I looked back to played hands and saw 2 offline players again, lol:



It’s just a setting under your profile, that makes it look like your no playing right then. Some people have Trolls looking for them to hassle and do not want to be tracked this way

Players can play and be hidden ? Like incognito ?

My last picture was not ok, a joke only, lolol. The page had problems to load the user data. This happened many times last weeks. But I think it can be a good idea to make the “show me offline” option better. Playing without name, rank, all.
Last days I had the luck a friend looked to my table and wrote my win-strategy to chat box. I won then nothing there, all folded. Sometimes it would be better to be only “Player 5” and no one knows I play somewhere.

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When you see players just named Player 5 or Player 6, that’s something to do with the software not fully loading. I’ve had that happen when the whole table showed up that way. I think I’m correct in this, Poki. It spooked me the first time I saw it!


This is a good idea :+1:t2:
This would be “ Incognito “ mode . Player number only so players won’t be intimidated by rank . 1-6 , 1-9, player , etc .

Weeks ago was update day. The weeks after this I saw many times slow loading of pages (user profiles, mission page,…) up to 20 sec. On tables I saw such players sometimes too. Right click to table and load new helps. Today the replayer had such problems, a much older problem there, and I made this nice screenshot. But it could be a good idea to have the option to play in this style. Other players can see my user profile, last 200 hands, rank, which tables I play, gave me notes,…, and this is sometimes not the best.

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This is correct Jan

I think is much easier to play a player then the cards.

I have a ?..if you are using the incognito is your name lit up on friends list or not?

Yes you can friend me just type in Zacor on a friend request