Player is playing. profile says they're not

player is at table. yet profile page seen less than min ago


Yes I’ve seen that quite a few times also recently.

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It is the “show me as offline” option.

Sorry, i have it only in german language:



Yes indeed. Seems a bit strange though, because we know the player is playing and definitely online! So seems redundant really…

LOL - as I thought it was because his profile says " I live in Heaven on Earth"
I have never seen the play as if offline before.


we have a “show me as offline” ???

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I knew we had it but have never seen it used. If someone wants privacy, I guess this is the way to hope for it.


Peoples on my friendslist use this, and they go then every minute on and off on friends-menu. Not very nice. And their last played hands (one minute ago) are to see too.



I forgot all about that Jan.

Refer to Post#3,

My question is to anyone who would have an explanation for using this Option.

Why would anyone use this??


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Sometimes people like to hide from their usual friends (or stalkers) I assume.



That is not very nice Poki of your friends

Yes stalkers :joy::joy:

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We play not the same stakes and no problem for me, and I think he (it is only one who hide) hides because multitabling. Or he clicked wrong and do not know he is hidden. A lady (not on my friendslist) I know hides because bad friends, stalking, changed name,…


If you’re Hidden on the site does that mean you’re hidden at the table ? In the lobby ? Mystery player ?

I’m pretty sure it’s just hidden in the lobby, not at the table.

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That would be wild if it was😂
Mystery player at seat 4

Today i had such a show me as offline-player near me on table. Screenshot:


No, not ok, only selfmade. Lol. On table and lobby changes this option nothing. Only the user-profile shows Last seen: 1 min ago and the player goes on friendslists on and off.


Stalkers?? I guess it must be a major concern here since they’ve programmed an option for it.

I’ve thought about a reason for this and I drew a blank which is very rare for me.

Except …

This is the only reason which I can see someone doing it. That the individual would think they were invisible playing against others.

I’d really like to play against someone who thought this was true.


I have NO idea how, where, when you’re discussing. Can someone, Please, explain?