Player Cnflict

What is done when a player is rquested to stop playing a certlain player? The player is reported but there seems to be no other feedback other that “it was resolved.” However it really isn’t.

Hi 26rlss,

If you want to get more info/feedback about this may I suggest you contact as this is a private matter between you and Staff and no subject for this forum.


Thank you for the info. Is “support” different from reporting the player on his site?

‘support’ is not different from reporting a player on the site, but they are the people who can help you when you have a question concerning the site or in your case wanting more info/feedback.
Hope this helps.

yes Ive reported a certain player 10 times for slow play. and nothing has been done about him. he still continues to slow play every hand, and I did contact support and all they said was it was resolved when its obvious that its not

If you report a player and then observe the player repeating the reported inappropriate play/behavior, I suggest, report that player again. “Resolved” means that Support has informed the player, perhaps penalized the player in some fashion, and certainly noted the infraction for future reference. Penalties may be suspension, muting, etc. Multiple infractions, over time, will lead to increased penalties. Might it be possible that you may have missed a 1 day or 2 day suspension of this player? Bottom line - report infractions and include enough specifics that Support is able to make a full determination.

Using the time given is not against the rules. Reporting wont do any good as you cannot control the way others play. Nice try though, geez.

Does anyone know if the slow player has a handicap of some sort: are they playing from a hospital bed; are they seeing impaired; had they recently suffered a stroke and look to replay as a way to start their recuperation; are they mentally impaired so their reactions are slow through no fault of their own; are they simply old and slow to react? Do you know for sure one way or another whether their ability to play quickly is hampered by a health issue? Sounds like you are quick to judge, slow to be tolerant of others.

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There is quite a bit of that around here…

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Yeah, but Im not conflicted about it.

I envision most slow players are A…either in dire need of attention…B…have no idea what they’re doing…or C…are sitting in their mother’s basement with a hoodie and dark glasses on…listening to their mother yell at them that the dog and garbage both need to be taken out…while this does not speed them up…it does give a comedic aspect to the situation.

They could also be computer-savvy turtles and snails with a taste for gambling and online poker. There’s no need to discriminate against highly advanced bugs and animals just because they stayed true to their slow nature!!!

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Another possibility is they are playing more than 1 game at a time.