Player chat color

Would it be possible to darken the player chat? The light blue is sometimes very hard to see.



What color do you suggest? I think all the colors are used up by chat, notifications, staff, player reps, support

Just darken the present color …sheesh

it does effect the player though…eyestrain makes it difficult to enjoy the experience of poker


Hi Colby, Hi DevilDoc,
I feel you have a valid point here and to many people participating in the chat is part of the poker experience rather than just playing the game. On my computer settings I am able to put all chat in “bold” which does help, but I realise not all computers have this capability. It is worth looking in your settings and giving it a try.
Perhaps at come stage the tech staff here will be able to create the ability for all players to chose a “bold” option in the chat thread.


Thank you grapevine for making me feel like i matter here. Sometimes when folks get older they become invisible to others and their needs or wants are overlooked. I come to replay for the community feel and the chat is important so much more to me then PLAY money,thank you again for your thoughtfulness and kindness and making me feel that i matter.


For me it would be very nice to see in chatbox players and dealer only, and not broadcast. But there is only one of them or all.


Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. Please know that they are always forwarded to our Team for review. If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop them here in our Community Forums. I hope you all have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:

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Maybe if not a change of color at least make it BOLDER?