Play # 106087214 I had aces and sixes mailman had sixes, I got no chips mailman gat 2596. why?

hand 106087214 I {tiny 908} had aces and sixes Mailman had sixes, why does he get 2596 chips and I get o

Hi tiny

There were 5 players in the hand, all in with a different amount of chips. You brought in 960 chps (all others more) c0014NT brought in 1240 chips, ken 1250, kimthanh 6511 and mailman 1951 chips.

cOO14NT won the hand with straight. He had more chips in the pot than you put in the pot, so he won all your chips, than you cant win chips with the 2nd best hand, your chips were won by c0014NT with his straight…

The 2nd best hand (you was out) was the KK from kimthanh, he won the rest pot.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.