Planning Ahead

What product(s) do you hope to endorse when you finally make it big in the poker scene? It’s wise to plan ahead. (I’m hoping to endorse Godiva chocolates!)

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Happy Birthday Jan :birthday:. Have a great one :tropical_drink:!!

This is a tough one because I already endorse Replay Poker :wink:


I think I’d want to endorse my favorite beer called Twisted Tea. It’s well known here on the East Coast but I’m not sure about other places. They are owned by Sam Adams. I love the drink and would endorse it.

I just wouldn’t want to get “Twisted” while playing at the tables during a big tournament!



Hahahah! I would love to try Twisted Tea. I love beer. Be careful: I might butt in front of you to get that endorsement! hahahah (I’ve never seen it on the West Coast. Not that we’re not twisted over here!)


Happy birthday Jan!

I would love to endorse the stuff I wear every day: Hobby Horse chaps, Stetson hats, Trachten lederhosen, Birkenstock sandals, and Fruit of the Loom bikini briefs. Let’s face it, I’m a stylish fella!

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I’m not sure where I placed a decoy birthdate for myself, but I’m not a February baby. I’ll remove it if I can find it!

All your endorsements are completely appropriate for a poker ace like my buddy SPG! May these all come true.

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I like twisted tea :+1:t2:


The cake means it’s your anniversary on the forum! Similar to your “cake day” if you use Reddit. Happy (belated) anniversary!

I’m destined to slum it in the Duck Pond for this lifetime, I think, but if I dare to dream, I’d love to endorse Nvidia … mostly to get free video cards and not have to fight all the scalpers and Bitcoin miners. :eyes:


Well cool! Both on the birthday / anniversary and on the Nvidia endorsement! Thanks much, fizzymint.