Placement of callany button

could you move the call any button during tournys more than once i have checked it by mistake because it appears right behind the call\check button so when i hit check or call it somtimes checks the button i have lost money when others have gone all in when i had no intention of calling if it could be moved so its not right behind the call button it would solve this problem thanks for your consideration on this issue

I think you now know where it is located, if the button is moved all the others players will do your mistakes

Hey, I know what you’re talking about. It’s happened to me more than twice… When the table action is moving faster than my ability to click what I’m after, I’ll go to click call/check and the options will suddenly change and I’ll either end up clicking call any or raise any. I’ve stopped it from happening by purely waiting to my turn to play vs. choosing ahead of time. But, like I said, I know what you’re talking about and dealing with… It’s frustrating!

yeah sarkozi i am aware of where its located and thats the problem (my mistakes) are because of the placement right in the same place that occupies the call button when it comes up so when you hit call it comes up in the same place after and somtimes gets clicked by mistake if it was moved so it wasnt in the same exact place as the call button my self and others would not make this mistake

Thanks for the suggestion Jmon, we’ve for most part suspended further development of the flash game in favour of working on our new html5 version which will be universally supported across desktop, mobile and tablet.

So rather than make changes to the flash version, we’ll make sure the same issue doesn’t arise in the html5 version.