Pissed off

dir sirs,I went on a site that I thought was 15 30 blinds very decepitive. im use to the old site and I do not think that’s fair I lost 30000 chips on that first blind I know now so what can you do osito22

the name was tasman sea

Guess may the first atempt of play in the next level/stake give a warning/congrats something like this

“You about play your first hand this high stake, carefull, high bets and sharks swimm here…” I know this not solve your problem.

This recuest not made before…

Im not sure if RP willing give back ( what actually other player have it right now) I afraid others follow… this is just me tho.

please try not to be upsett whatever the outcome will be.

Have a nice day

Thanks for the info, sorry about your bad experience. Did you use the quick play option to enter the table? We’ll refund you the 30K chips.