Pick your place at the table. [Your favorite Seat]

You may have had this suggestion already, however how about the ability to choose your seat . Myself I like to focus on the play without having to look above the table where I’m placed to make my bet.


Thanks for the idea. We already allow you to pick your seat as long as you don’t use the Quick Play button, but select your table via the lobby. Also once you’ve selected your seat, you can rotate the seats using the little clockwise and anti-clockwise arrows in the top-right corner of the game window. Does that fufil your suggestion? Or do you want us to add the option to always sit in the same position at the table without having to do it manually? Actually we’re already planning this for the new html5 version of the game, where you’ll always be sat in the lower center middle seat.

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Turn it auto, thets a good idea. ( pre set by users need it.) Some may not prefer, or get suspicious ( ““Why I seat always in the middle, the others must be computer players?!!!””) without asking the reason.+ this make the room too simple, no change, may some get bored.

What a lazy! lol

Been waiting for 4 years

I loved it when I discovered the little arrows to change your seat. Only takes a sec and I’m in my lucky seat.

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The thing with this option is that you’re not actually changing your seat, but rotating the whole table. The seats are all rotating, so you’re kinda still in your seat but in a different position.
From reading different posts in different threads, it seems that many people think of it as a change of seat and a change of luck. For me personally it’s just the same seating, only rotated.
But hey, if it works for others, why not? :slight_smile:

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It would sure be nice if there was an option to remember your favorite seat / perspective. As is, I have to use the manual button every time I join a table. I guess it would have to store the choice for each table size (number of seats). I would also love it to be used when replaying a hand I was involved in.

Just remember if that was an option to remember your seat just think how many others at the table choose the same seat so it’s actually pointless. Play your hand and let the seats fall where they may. Best of luck.

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I’d want to sit immediately after the most aggressive player at the table. All sorts of defensive and offensive possibilities that way for me, and all have a better chance to be paid off if I win. Or, maybe I’m just luckier when I have better information. Seat selection does play a role in the game.

There are two different aspects which seem to get intermixed here:

  1. Choice of seat realtive to other players already at the table. Here the choice obviously has an influence on relative position when playing hands. This only applies to ring games, in SNGs and tournaments seats are assigned randomly anyway. This is already taken care of, you can either pick your seat or use the ‘seat me anywhere’ button.

  2. How the table is displayed relative to your own seat. This is what most of this thread is about. Personally, I prefer to rotate the table in a way that I am positioned in the center bottom seat - or right next to it if the center is not used (depending on number of seats). Other poker sites/software I know has this position either as a default or allows one to set a preferred view (“seat”).

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I always rotate the seat to the 1 o’clock position. Force of habit. Many do so I assume many are sitting on my lap :joy:

Interesting. I always put myself at 11 o’clock, and I have no explanation for it. I guess it’s like politics. I’m a little left of center.

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