Pic Issues

Some sites, not just online poker… but online poker is also included in this topic. There are some sites that WILL NOT let you copy and paste peoples pics. Well, I was told on a table a couple weeks back that the pic of me is in a different Country, not in the U.S.A. But in a different Country sitting on top of a Friggen Donkey wth is up with that. and for those of you that are laughing at me right now… let me tell you, it is not Funny, not Funny at all, That people have nothing better to do than copy women’s pics and paste them where ever, and how ever they like… Exploitation is what it is. I’m very sad that this has happened to me here on Replay Poker. I think Replay should find a way like some other sites do, and stop Replay pics of people being copied and pasted. Since then I have taken down the pics of myself, and will NEVER put my real pic back up again… which if I had only listened to SharonSmarty, this would have never happened. So my advice to all the women that put their pics and pics of their Children up for avatar on Replay… think twice, think long and hard before posting your pic of yourself and or your Children, You will not and never know where your pics, pics of Children, Family Members whined up that you have posted on Replay, or any other site… unless you know for sure that the site you are posting said pic on, cannot copy and paste. Earlier in this matter I said, ( Another Country, ) it does not matter what Country it is. So I’m assuming that Replay did not know that this could, or would have happened. Just letting Replay and Replay Players know about this situation, and to beware of what some people can do. I like Replay, would say Replay is one of the best Sites I have found so far. Small Site, so I know Replay is working very hard to resolve a lot of different Issues. Just wanted to let Replay be aware of this pic Issue, as well as letting other Replay Poker Players know as well. Zona79

If abuse of your own pic, I’m sure the mods take it off… if they know… To reach that, please tell them… You right about not use your own picture… Why not you think that first?

Copy picture like breath air these days… Embedded in win too, one click screen snip and done… You should ask Microsoft and other company’s who make software… Don’t forget they can take picture with camera,IPhone…

If you got the picture RAW, you could upload some website, they sell it (try) if anyone use that pic without buy it, they sue…

Replay know that… all people know that… I don’t think its RP responsibility ( or they can do anything about it . Please blame the internet and the hardware between the keyboard and the chair.


Sorry to hear this happened to you. If you report the offending image using the report button on the profile page, one of our mods can remove it and warn the player.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to be proactive about this stuff, people can save or screenshot an image and do whatever they want with it pretty easily. But while we can’t prevent an image from being copied, we do our best to respond to reports within 24 hours.

Cheers, Lesley

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Likewise sorry to hear about that zona79. Unfortunately there’s no way to prevent someone from grabbing an image off a website. Even if you prevent someone from right clicking and saving the image, you can easily “print screen” and then manipulate the image. I just wish there was a way to protect our players from this type of abuse. :frowning:

No my pic wasn’t offensive, was just me. I learned a valuable lesson on putting my pic up… didn’t think someone would do that but, then again dummy me…I should have been thinking online you know. So will not ever put real pic up again. Thanks Paul and everyone for caring. people learn lessons everyday… and like I said I learned a good one. Sharonsmarty has always told me not to put up my real pic, I should have listened to her. in a joking way, they could have put me on a horse, instead of a Donkey lol. So anyone who reads this, if u r a replay poker player, take it from me. DO NOT put your pic or Children’s pics up, they may whined up where u don’t want them. zona79

I wasn’t blaming replay marcipan, I was just shocked that someone done that to my pic. but I learned a lesson. will never put up my pic again. tc and have a good day. zona79.

Thank You for caring :slight_smile:

should have listened to u Sharon

Thanks Paul I appreciate your concern :slight_smile:

There are lines of JavaScript that can disable the right click command thus no access to the copy and paste commands. Go to some websites where they do not want the product images reused and try to copy and paste it…you can’t, so I know it can be done.

You only need one line to prevent right clicking in Firefox and Internet Explorer (Opera ignores this and other no-right-click scripts). This line of JavaScript will block both right clicking and accessing the right-click menu from the keyboard. The following is the javascript:

There are others way to still do it but this can take away the obvious method of coping a pic. There is no way to completely eliminate the possibility but his will make it much more difficult. Don’t ask me how to write script, you can google “windows visual basics” but I strongly suggest you be very careful getting into directories unless you know your stuff.

Sorry to hear this happened to Zona, I wondered why she changed her pic. What a shame

well looks like it did not allow my java script command which explains the void in my comment. I had put in the java script command but looks like it was not allowed. That’s probably a good thing.