Philosophical Question

Curious. You have a problem with folks swearing, yet we are sitting here gambling. We are not in church. I thought all the Puritans left England. How about me enjoying an adult beverage or weed while I am playing? Should we swear to an honor system.on those last 2 issues? Some folks truly deserve a sound cursing out.

Hi bawdo,

  1. Poker isn’t gambling, it is considered a game of skill. Replay Poker is play money and our site is designed for people to have fun.

  2. We are a family-friendly site. We have players that are in their 80s and our minimum age is 13. There is a time and place for vulgar language, but our community is not one of them. All we ask is that players be courteous to one another.

  3. Whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is none of our business. If you want to smoke weed or drink alcohol while you play, have at it. We don’t care unless your drunkenness starts to cause problems at the tables.

  4. Some people may deserve to be told off, but not on our site. Retaliating against someone during a game never leads to a resolution. Ever. All it does is add fuel to the fire and makes it an unpleasant experience for everyone present. What does work, however, is muting the player at the table. Or reporting them to our staff and letting us deal with the situation.

As far as philosophies go, this is our mission at Replay Poker:

Our mission is to spread the joy of poker to the world by allowing anyone, anywhere to play a fair, friendly and competitive hand of poker, anytime.

The only way we can hope to achieve this is by having rules and upholding them.

Cheers, Lesley

Lesley, it is also considered a game of luck. We all know that poker is not considered solely a game of skill because that’s just not true. Several studies have shown that it is just a game of chance, whereas others have shown it is a game of skill, and still others have shown it is a mixture of both skill and luck. I think it’s safe to say it’s a little of both. :))

Long Live Replay Poker!

Here is a philosophical question for you bawdo…why is it so important for you to swear? How does it benefit you?

Why is it so important to you that I dont? Hmmm…

Well that is a easy one. It is offensive and I would rather not have my kids exposed to vulgarity and sexual innuendo’s. The vast majority of the world in religious and do not want to be around that kind of filth. If filth comes out of your mouth, what is in your heart? I could go on about the morale decay of society and its negative impact but I think it would be lost on you. Your comment about some folks truly deserve a sound cursing out is absurd. Who are you to decide what people deserve? There is your answer, now answer my question that you so skillfully avoided. Why is it so important to you to swear and how does it benefit you? Do you have a reasonable answer? Are you articulate enough to communicate without being vulgar? Do you respect or care about other people? But the real question is why?

This was my question to the administration. Why are you even involved?

Why are your kids exposed to a gaming site? It can be a slippery slope you know. Get hooked and then move on to pay sites. You sound like a Baptist that shouldn’t even be playing cards (or wearing makeup). Get hooked and then move on to pay sites. As for exposure, then I am certain that you don’t let your kids watch TV or go to public school, right? (but that brings us back to the whole issue of a Poker site now, doesnt it?).

And, if you closely read my question…it was philosophical. I did not say I was swearing. Asking about people I know were sanctioned. Oh, and go piss up a rope (or if you prefer…go poop in your fist).

Again, you ask me a painfully easy question and avoid answering my question. First let me explain why I am involved. You put your question in the “community forum”. Apparently that is some real good weed you are smoking or you have had to many of the adult beverages you referred to so let me explain: community means “all people”…forum means “to be discussed” If you want to send a message to Replay, then send a message to replay and do not use the community forum. Ok? Now the part about why I am involved. Because I believe in standing against what is wrong. Now about you not answering my question…don’t bother, you already have. There is not a good reason why it is important. My point exactly.


Is the language used in bawdo’s last entry allowed?


Apparently bawdo did not understand your reply to his silly question. Is this going to be allowed?

Please respond to this vulgarity.

Oh geez plazpoker, get a grip.

I don’t agree with bawdo’s approach to this exchange but he/she has a point.

You believe in standing against what is wrong?

You have got to be kidding me.

I’ve seen it all now - people come to anonymous poker sites to judge others when they can just as easily ignore it.

I am not or did not judge…he put it up for question on a community forum. Sounds like you need to get a grip Robert. Let me say it again for those who don’t understand what a community forum means. Community = everyone Forum = discussion He put it up for discussion, what part of that do you not understand? AND there is something that bothers you with standing up for what is wrong? Actually you have got to be kidding if you think people should not stand against filth and lack of moral values. If you can not see the decay in society you are blind and if you think it is a good thing…take a look around you. Enough…Robert he put it up for discussion, not me, I did not judge…I responded to his request for discussion. Read his last post and tell me, do you want your kids to hear that? Do want you wife to hear that? If you have a wife and kids I think you might understand, maybe you don’t or if you do, maybe you do not respect them as much as I respect mine. With my dying breath I will protect those I love from filthy and repulsive things. If you want to expose those you love to that kind of vile behavior then it is you right to do so, I choose not to and that is my right. Being anonymous does not give one the right to be disgusting.