Pet Peeves when playing Replay Poker

Oh my, yes. Been there.

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Mine is having a really good hand and betting it .then the guy with nothing makes a winner on the river,when he should have folded way back.


yep, yep,yep


aka - River Rat

People who when ready to leave a table don’t leave the table and you have to wait several hands for them to time out


I guess it’s about “bingo” type play. It’s not most of the time, but it seems it’s too often. I don’t enjoy tables where frequent pre-flop raises are 10x, 20x, etc, the big blind. Unless a player has a pair of bullets in the hole, and even then, I think calling into those raises is playing wheel-of-fortune. That’s not the game I’m here to play. It gets old folding until I get aces or kings, then call and lose, or win then sit out until I move to a new table.

Maybe I should play higher stakes tournies? I mostly play 1k to 7.5k tournies. Does that kind of play happen on the higher stakes tables? I only play tournies. Thanks!

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Flops comes, having 4 for a straight - maybe even open ended - and 4 for a Flush with Straight Flush draw and getting nothing; only to see that a player wins the Pot with a Pair of 7 or 8 or so…one time ok., but when it happens 2 or three times in 6 or 7 hands…huuuh…the other thing: river and turn gives opponent straight or Flush or another winning hand…one time ok., but 2 times in a 9 SNG, no, no, no…the human psych: losing this way is unfair, winning - even with the help of Turn and River - is justified…enjoy your winning and losing, life is to short to get mad of Poker…

When I get frozen out of my hand. This happens frequently when replay is experiencing a lagging problem. The clock is running down, on a wet board and i’m trying to determine how to play the hand. I raise, or call and the bet is not accepted. The clock keeps running and Replay folds my hand as the clock expires. Very frustrating.

P.S. I have found that its best to make a quick decision when RP is lagging. The closer you get to the end of the time clock the more likely the bet will not register.


Yep, maybe my laptop but hitting the delete button works 80%. Good luck.

Probably when people with millions of chips are playing at a table way below their league. Like if they lose 50K chips it’s no big deal competing against 20-30k ranked players.

In the higher stakes tournaments, like 1 million chips upwards, you tend to be up against the same players all the time, so you get to know their game and what their raising ranges are.

People may bet 20 big blinds preflop at the first blind level, but they cannot bet 20 big blinds when they are into the second hour of the tournament without putting their entire stack at risk.

As a general rule you need a stronger hand to call a raise than to raise when you are opening the pot, so position is crucial.

This is because if you do not have a premium hand, there is always a chance that your opponent does. For example you have King 10 suited. Not a bad hand, but there are many hands that are dominating you. You are not looking very good against Ace King or against Ace 10, never mind AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or TT, so you need pretty good pot odds to call.

Also take into account how many people have already entered the pot and what pot odds are you are getting.

Off the top of my head which recently happened to me, I have two which I can readily think of:

  1. the River card which gives me a Set fills an opponent’s Str8 and;

  2. a player who fills a boat before the River doesn’t bets or raise and just calls each raise after all the raise button is right next to the check box.

Here’s a fun one wouldn’t call it a “pet peeve,” but boy was I peeved!!!

Once I’ve folded, I never really care about “oh man, if I’d have just stayed in, look what I would have had!!” That’s a fools errand.

However… this string of events (couple of days ago) was as if some Poker God decided he was bored and my number came up on his “torture that guy” meter:

Three hands in a row… that’s right, in a row:

  1. Fold trash, flop full house.
  2. Fold trash, hit flush on river (four runner) that would have won.
  3. Fold trash, hit full house on turn.

Was he/she done with me? Not quite - one more gut punch jsut a few short hands later:

  1. Fold trash, hit quads on the river.

(Still won the table though (Astral Orion 7,500) :wink:)


I dont know if Replay will read this or if they care but there is one particular player who ALWAYS enters a tournament with under 60 seconds left before the time limit is up. It’s one thing if it happens once in a while because stuff happens but it’s another thing when it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, and it’s totally by design.

For example when entering the 1M, 2.5M or 5M tournament, this player ALWAYS joins at the last minute.

It is a form of cheating that this player gets away with. It’s extra fun for me when I have the opportunity to knock him out. I knocked him out of the 5M recently on what will forever be his worst beat of all time. That was fun!!!

I dont know if Replay will read this or if they care but there is one particular player who ALWAYS enters a tournament with under 60 seconds left before the time limit is up.

What’s the problem with this

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Personally, I do not have any pet peeves on replay poker.

It is no more real than Pac Man or any other similar games.
I play it for the enjoyment. If I am having a day when I cannot win on a table because the cards are not coming, I switch tables.
I also play three tables at once so that something is always happening all the time. (It also helps to have a rum and coke).
You cannot take it seriously. It is free poker. It can help beginners learn the basics. If you are on a table with a lot of big raises or all ins, switch tables until you find one that is more to your liking.
Most of all, have a fun time.

Happy Holidays, David


My pet peeves are people who blow a gasket and go Full Phil Helmuth on the table when they lose. I mean calling me an idiot for not folding to their 3 bet with when they had rags themselves gets annoying lol. The getting their chips helps me get over it :slight_smile:


The lagging improved for a while but was bad tonight. I don’t how much is the game and how much is my connection. It doesn’t seem to happen on other sites.


I don’t really have any pet peeves, but I have noticed that when I lose it is usually because I am playing badly or not concentrating.

The sad fact is that playing poker tournaments is boring, because you need to fold most of your hands preflop, and then fold on the flop if it is not very favorable, particularly in multi-way pots.

The temptation is to play more hands and get more action. There is always that little rush of adrenaline waiting to see the flop, even if you have AA, and that bigger rush of adrenaline if you flop anything better than one pair.

But to win tournaments, you don’t need to play for the adrenaline. You need to be ice-cold on every hand and simply calculate your pot odds, your opponents range, and play the numbers.


The only one I have is constantly folding ( even in higher stakes) from players going all in preflop. I would like to play some poker.