Pet Peeve: When the winning player says "gg"

Of course the winner thinks it was a good game, they won.

The loser may choose to be gracious and say “good game”

But when the winner says it, it sounds like gloating.

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same as oops

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I see this as a sportsmanship thing. When I win and say GG, I mean that they were a worthy opponent and played well. It’s a complement, and has nothing to do with gloating.

What I don’t like is “NH” after every hand, nice or not. This is especially true when someone calls allin as a big dog and rivers a miracle win. There’s nothing nice about stupid luck.


it pains me we see AA cracked by 24 and people say Nh but I will say Nh when somebody flops a boat and checks and i screw up and bluff - In my head I had it and that’s what counts


Yeah, I sometimes say “WD” when that happens. They think it means “well done” but to me it means “well donked.”


I suppose this is all pretty subjective, but for me:

  • “gg” is nice whether said by the winner or the loser, so long as it is said genuinely; and if you say anything without really meaning it, well, that’s another issue
  • “oops” is bad form, unless said by the individual losing the pot
  • “nh” feels nicer when it was played well on all streets, though I think it is polite in any case when said by the individual losing the pot
  • “nh” from 3rd parties after poor play gets rewarded with miracle outs is bad form
  • “wd” well always mean “well donked” for me now, LOL

I always say GG to whoever leaves the table be it me or my opponent…sort of like a participation salute.


How is “ouch” received, in your opinion, when someone with a great hand is beat by a just barely better hand? I say it on rare occasions. Not sure if it’s a good idea to say it.


I must be really out of touch. Because I use “oops” on rare occasion when I suck out on the river. As an apology and admission of a bad move on my part.


Kinda sounds all right in that context? I suppose it all boils down to what we think people are trying to communicate.


A small Pet Peeve: small denomination chips at high stakes tables. For example, at the 20000/40000 blind level, you can make a bet of 40001 chips. This is unrealistic, as the small denomination chips would be removed at a casino. The chip denominations available at the table should reflect the blind levels. So at the 40000 BB level, you might have chip denominations of 10000, 20000, 40000, and 100000, but smaller denominations should not be in play.


LOL, yes, I hate that too. Messing up all my perfect zeroes. You’ll see me 3 bet and 4 bet more often just to get the bet size back to lovely zeroes, LOL.

what about good hand when the winner doesn’t flop their cards- just because they won the pot doesn’t mean they had a good hand - good play would be a better call

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Pretty much all of the above…that is why it takes an exceptional had for me to say nice hand…

I think it is just a courtesy. Better than saying “thank God you are finally out after hanging around for half an hour with fluke after fluke.” After all if you beat someone, that is the kind of opponent you want to come back.

Sometimes comments can be used to elicit responses, like you say nb on a hand you are not involved in and someone indicates that they were indeed bluffing or tells you they had AA. This also tells the player that you are closely watching their play and they had better not try it against you!

Oops is a handy comic remark when someone makes a massive bet with zilch and gets called.

I don’t take comments in the box very seriously. It is just a bit of fun, an exchange of repartee.

Just last night unskilld was still spectating a tournament that I was playing in a couple of hours after he had donked out, and predicted that I would bubble out. He was so nearly right, too. No doubt had I bubbled out, I would have borrowed his signature Parthian shot about RP being biased in favour of donks.


I didn’t say RP is biased in favour of donks, just biased against me specifically. Or at least it feels that way sometimes. But I truly am not allowed to win, be it the doing of RP mods or God himself.

There are many that would argue that point considering you have 25 million chips - it sure doesn’t look like your being a rp target – it’s all in your head

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Stop listening to the dog

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When I make a horrible call and suck out, I usually apologize by saying, “That’s right, who’s yer daddy?”


I think it’s all in your head that the winner is gloating after winning a hand or a game over you by saying gg.

I agree with @SunPowerGuru 's response that it’s a form of good sportsmanship.

I remember saying that after every little league game but that was a long time ago. Maybe, they no longer do it.

Maybe, you just don’t know or had ever learned what good sportsmanship involved. Basically, it’s being nice to your opponent whether you win or lose.