Personal Poker Rules

I have played poker for 10 years online and have developed my own set of rules to follow. I have ALWAYS found that I LOSE, if I break MY RULES!
#1. NEVER bet a pair.
#2. NEVER try to buy a straight, or flush,(unless it is really cheap)
#3. NEVER FIGHT an obvious straight, or flush. SOMBODY sitting at the table HAS IT!
#4. Learn to watch the SUIT! I have seen SO many players who have no Idea that there is a FLUSH staring them in the face.
#5. Play the cards, NOT the player. If you concentrate on beating someone at the table, YOU WILL LOSE!
#6. ALWAYS see a showing pair as at least 3 of a kind , and MOST likely A FULL HOUSE!


On #4 I used to miss the Flush possibility at times until I started using the 4 color deck full time.

For clarification, could you explain #1, NEVER bet a pair.
Do you fold pocket Az and Kz?
Also, #3 seems to contradict #2. If you’re never going to fight an obvious straight or flush, wouldn’t it be prudent to represent the said straight or flush with a bet now and again?
These questions are in no way meant to belittle your rules. I would just like you to talk a little bit more about them.

#1 is flat-out wrong.
#5 is only good if you are talking online. But even there you can pick up things about your opponents that, if you heed them, will improve your edge against them. I don’t concentrate on beating anyone, I pay attention, play my game, and the chips come to me.

I’m already bluffing you as I read this post.

hello miclormic, I don’t want to intrude. But I have a different view on poker. I think there really is no rules that you can just follow and win. For me, I had to constantly adjust based on how my opponent is playing. However, I don’t want to sound contradictory, but most really good poker follow the rules, that if you are loosing or loosing really big, then you either have to quite or play super tight. And if you are winning huge then you can start crazy bluffing!


looking through the forums, i noticed a few lists of folk’s personal rules for playing online poker. here are a few i find useful. feel free to add your own.

  1. Don’t get mad when they get lucky.
  2. Don’t get smug when you get lucky
  3. Don’t play when you’re distracted, half asleep, can’t remember the rules, your name, ect.
  4. Be nice when the ole lady is bit, er, helpfully reminding you of a project that requires your attention.
  5. “THAT’S POKER”: the magical, G rated, ‘explains everything’ phrase, for the next time a flop gives villain the straight, and you two pair. there may be children about.
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No I don’t fold them , but I don’t bet them, I follow and see what happens as far as building on that pair.
RE: Flush/str8 Learn to watch the suit! if there are 3 suited cards showing SOMEONE has a flush, IF there are 3 or more cards in sequence, SOMEONE has the str8! Learn to see these.
I just beat a guy the other night who had A’s( pair) I had a flush at the flop. 3 suited cards showing and he went all-in with A’s!(rule #1 never bet a pair) #3 neverfight an OBVIOUS flush or str8!
I have seen SO MANY players go BLIND when they have A’s

I understand. Thanks for getting back to me.