Personal Challenges

Hey guys,

I am trying to get a stronger insight into what challenges people set for themselves that are not already in the framework of Replay Poker.

As an example, trying to win a promotional leaderboard would be within the framework, as we already offer this.

So my question to the community is, do you have any challenges or games that you set for yourself that are not already on Replay Poker when you play on the site?




I have set several challenges for myself.

The first of these was the “Hat Trick” challenge, which was to win 3 MTTs in a single day each in a different game. I did this in Sep 2019 by winning in PLO, NLHE, and O H/L, as detailed here… Hat Trick

Another challenge I set myself was to “go clean” in one of the weekly SnG “best 20” leaderboards. This would mean taking 1st place in 20 SnGs for that week, resulting in a perfect high score. The closest I have managed is to win 17 of them in a week, and after trying like 3 weeks in a row, I gave up.

It would be cool to have a “mixed game” leaderboard(s), with 20% of your score in Holdem, 20% Omaha, 20% O H/L, 20% Stud, and 20% Royal. (skip Royal if you want to keep it poker-related)


I’ve also set a couple of challenges for myself. Most are related to the existing leaderboards, so it’s probably not exactly what you are asking for, but anyway…

One was getting in excess of 1 million points on the Monthly MTT Hold’em High Leaderboard. I achieved this in September 2018. However, it was a pretty insane grind and that took me 304 games… I tried again in January 2019 and failed after 274 games and about 980k points. My last attempt in January 2020 was successful and only took me 177 games.

Another challenge was winning the Monthly MTT Hold’em High, American Regional, SnG High, and SnG Medium Leaderboards in a single month. I tried only once in May 2019 and succeeded.

A third challenge was to get to name a tournament, which I achieved by winning the RPOS VIII Tournament of Champions.

Finally, I still want to get the “Bad Beat” achievement. But I haven’t had enough “luck” so far…

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I read that as far as “I’ve also set a couple of challenges for myself.” but it was TL;DR after that. :slight_smile:

You should try the “Go Clean” challenge and try to win 20 9-seat SnGs in a week. Statistically, I should have been able to pull it off by playing 70 of them, but the more I played, the worse I did. I’m sure you could do it with 80 or 90 games. (hahaha)

If you (or anyone) does it, their points record will never be beaten.

Here’s the original thread. If anyone manages it, post the leaderboard link.

Sun’S SnG Challenge

I like that idea :+1:t2:

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Right, although once one player has done it, the real challenge becomes to do it in the least number of games.

Also, this reminds me of a bug in the Astral leaderboards. Checkout weeks 43, 95, and 147 here, for example:

(Hint: winning an Astral Pegasus 9-max SNG yields 18,000 points.)

Really? I am only winning about 20% of my 9-max SNGs… and I thought that was pretty good.

20% is really good, especially considering that you play 100ks + and I was playing 20ks at the time.

And maybe my math is off. I won 17 of 60, so figured I could win 20 of 70. I played 70 and won 15, so I played something like 75 and won 14. Hahaha.

These other guys goals & objectives are kinda complicated with a lot of statistics. I’m really lazy.

My goal right now is to collect 50k for knocking out each Staff member at least once this year in the Bust the Staff monthly tourney. But, since @GoldenDonkey took some of my chips a few months back, I’d like to collect the 50k at least twice from knocking him out in this tourney.

I noticed he finished 39th in the June tourney and somewhere around 5th or 6th in May’s not that I’ve been keeping track.

He may not remember me but, I’m the one who asked if he wanted to try and double up the last time we met up. I haven’t seen him on the same table since then.

I figure he’s been avoiding me.

The main personal challenges I do are when someone trash talks me I try to completely destrominate them so they will stop talking. Once a player who will remain unnamed said why do you even play poker, go do something else. I was taken aback, I think I shoved with a suited connector or something. I then went on to knock him out heads up in a tournament a week later and I have continued to beat him. He now is nice to me so I think my goal has been accomplished lol.

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